So lets talk about a new movie coming out called "takers"

I just watched a trailer for a new movie coming out called "takers". I am not posting the video on here for one good reason. I have full confidence in telling you that I'ts probably the worst movie ever made. Not only does Paul Walker have a leading role in the film but several others with equal talent. The best way to describe the film is this.. its as if they took a good movie like Ocean's Eleven and took away an amazing cast. Instead they put in the worst cast in history. Then they took out all the comedy and replaced it with cops and robbers dialog that sounds like it was written by a high school teenager.

Anyway so let this be a warning. Worst movie ever. Guaranteed.


  1. haha.. no you really dont. thats the point.

  2. I just saw it. wow, you're right. nothing original about it. every line, almost every action sequences I can point at a different film. and to make it worse, it was shot on digital film with a cheap lens. Garit I'm with you. that movie is going to suck.

  3. If only it would come out in Mystery Science Theater 3000 mode, then it might make it worth it.

  4. Thanks for the warning! Once I see Paul Walker, I walk(er) my way into a different theater.


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