my saturday + "9" movie review

Today went as follows:

  • Got up around noon and took a shower and shaved my face.  (it was time.. im pretty sure i was hideous)  But an ugly lip tuft with strip down to my chin managed to stay.  Im pretty sure I hate it.. but its still there.  
  • Mom and Dad came over and we all hopped in the jeep and went for a ride up provo canyon to wallsburg.  I've never rode in the back of my jeep so that was fun.  I took some pics.  The leaves are starting to change to fall colors so it was pretty.   Then we met some friends and drove up to strawberry reservoir.  My favorite part was seeing all the parasurfers catching HUGE air!  It looked so freaking fun!  Also there were some pretty amazing clouds.  And on the way back I saw some cool lightning.  Which always rules.

  • Then when I got home me and Barbara went to the movie 9.  And here is the official review.  There are only 2 ways to feel about this movie.  The first way requires a lot of "ifs", they are thus:  If you can watch the movie and not worry that the main character's voice is freaking elijah wood.  If you just concentrate on how it looks and how it sounds.  If you try not to think about why they made the movie.  If you try not to think about the ending.  If you try not to think about the story.  If you try not to think about what they are really trying to say in this movie.   Well then its a totally enjoyable movie!  However.. the more you start thinking about it.. the more it completely sucks.  So watch it.  But dont think about anything.

  • The day ends with Kevin making me some french toast.  I ate the hoof and it was the best.
  • And ive listened to "Its a brand new day" from Dr.Horrible sing along blog like a thousand times while writing this blog.
  • It seems that I love to use bullets in my blogs now.  This may or may not be a new trend for me.
  • Somewhere along the day I developed some back pain and a headache that is not messing around. 
  • If anyone tries to blame it on my hammock I swear here and now to end your life.  
  • No hammock blaspheme will be tolerated in this blog.
good night


  1. What bothered me most about 9 is actually another straw n the camels back. I do not like that they are misleadingly claiming Tim Burton when that is not actually the case. Coraline was done the same way to a slightly lesser degree. It is slightly frustrating to get excited then let down when it really won't be the dark and creative work of Tim burton. I guess the silver lining is that I am freaking out about Alice in Wonderland! Side note- the music for 9 makes me happy. The preview song by coheed and cambria is on rock band and when played at max volume on hard is suprisingly theraputic. Last comment: your pictures from your drive make me feel like I am looking at the Sunday paper funnies and its the "can you sport the differences" section. -glasses, Shadow across the face, close up. (Did i win?)

  2. you absolutely win! and coheed rules face! we must be family!


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