life update

*slightly updated 
  • I still hate doors.
  • Not looking forward to the unforgiving sting of the cold season...
  • Lost my phone again yesterday. It was lost in plain sight. *sigh....
  • Sleeping in a hammock is an art. I am having fun relearning all my old tricks =)
  • Happy Anniversary Kela & Jon! You guys rule the earth!
  • AND Happy 30 years mom and dad! You guys are also good at ruling the earth!
  • Spiders in and near my house lately make me feel like a scared childish giant full of unnecessary wrath. HATE.
  • this is an awesome shirt
  • music is medicine
  • frustration is on the rise
  • I want to be Dr.Horrible for halloween. The red costume would be amazing.
  • Dr.Horrible's sing along blog is the coolest thing there is.
  • I wonder if I could make my own freeze ray or death ray to go with it...
  • I have a very over due book I just cant seem to finish! The orem library is not gonna pleased with me.
  • My dreams are filled with spectacular lightning of all kinds. It is truly marvelous.
  • Its been a while since ive kissed someone. (guh.. blast this truthful blog...)
  • For the past few weeks I have been wanting to spend money on something.. but am completely uninspired as to what that might be.
  • In 6th grade my teacher Mr.Keno gave all the students nick names. Mine was "sparky". I only remember one other nick name,.. Mr.Keno was bold enough to give the fat kid the name "Fridge". The guy absolutely loved his new name.
  • I would rather be doing anything else with my life right now.
  • Ive learned some surprising things about myself lately.
  • Last night for part of my dream I was a captain of a ship with sails. I spoke with a scottish/pirate accent. Ive never been so happy.
  • Every time I encounter a door at work I fantasize about all the different ways it could be obliterated. I have become exceedingly good at it. The person who best understands this statement, will best understand me.
  • I may write a book of some kind someday.
  • I think I use "google reader" more than any other google service.
  • The last few nights I've watched an episode of "top gear" before bed and laughed my guts out. Its probably the best part of my day.
  • Mindy Smith has the voice of an angel.
  • My crush on Sandra Bullock is still going strong.
  • My crush on Martina McBride is gaining momentum.
  • I miss little caesar's "big foot" pizza.
  • I just made my final payment on that damned wedding ring.
  • I also briefly dreamed that orem was visited by a giant earthquake that begat a fissure that produced a flow of magma. I was so excited I was cheering.
  • I think I enjoyed my last mouth destroying "fruit smoothie" from costco today.
  • Im curious about the new pirate pizza place in orem.. and why it has a gift shop?
  • Wonders what the future looks like...
  • I actually like yoga.
  • I have always wanted to be a to be a ninja or a scientist.  Not kidding.  As long as I can remember.. one of those 2 things was always at the top of the list.
Guess thats all for now. Thanks for reading.


  1. You should be worrying about the evil laugh not the freeze ray if you are going to be Dr Horrible.... it's all about standards. I mean don't you think Bad Horse had to work on his whinny?

  2. "The thoroughbred of sin?" Joanna you kill me! Keep commenting on my blog.. you are hilarious!

  3. the next time you're over (batman saturday?) I'll let you borrow the Dr horrible DVD so you can listen to Commentary the musical


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