I freaking hate parasites!

Parasites... why the freak did god think it was ok to invent parasites!? They are the creepiest freak-o-zoidal things I have ever heard of. Sometimes silently plaguing mankind and animal kingdom alike. And then sometimes... they are not so silent. Like this fish who's obviously been having some bad luck as of late.

Go ahead and take a few minutes to be throughly horrified.  What you are looking at is a weaver fish found off the coast of  Jersey (an island near France and Normandy) with its mouth wide open.  Unfortunately this fish is missing its tongue, and the reason is simply that it was eaten by a particularly nasty parasite.  I was not able to find any official name for it, only that its a "rare tongue-eating parasite".  But thats not all folks.  This little fricker doesn't just eat your tongue and leave you demoralized.  Apparently its got "dozens of really sharp  and nasty claws" in which it is able to stay right where your tongue used to be.  But there is some good news, they say "it doesn't affect humans"  but im not sure if I buy that.. surely we humans are not immune to this terror of the seas.  However these freakin things are very aggressive so if you ever encounter one stay clear of it.. because it will likely bite the hell out of your finger if you try and pet it (I am being completely serious.  They actually said it would bite you pretty bad).  I'm not to worried you would, I think only the truly insane (and perhaps PETA) would be dumb enough to willingly approach a demon parasite such as this.


  1. Yeah I just listened to a podcast about parasites that was fascinating, but freaked me the heck out!

  2. i WILL have nightmares tonight


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