Google is cool and kinda scary

So I googled my name today. It was an interesting experience. Google Garit Heaton and you will be able to find how much my salary was last year. My blogs, all my comments on digg, a bunch of pictures, a bunch of professional webpages, a few UVU Staff webpages and.. my favorite find.. some random post on some website profile? or forum? .. anyway:
"Yeah I totally forgot about this site. In fact I don't even know what this site is for.
No I dont have any pets.. and let me tell you something else.. If I ever successfully invent a time machine I will only use it to go back in time and pay visits to any and all who try and come up with the idea to domesticate animals... at which point I will beat the hell out them.
Motorcycles rule but only if you are talking cruisers.. bullet bikes can go lick anti-freeze."
08-02-2008 04:40 PM
Holy crap! Im funny! I dont remember writing this at all!

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