Colorado trip day 1

somewhere in the middle of no where we stopped at a gas station and snapped this one...

six hours into it we checked into our room and then set out to find some food.  we struck gold in the form of a ricotta sauce meatball pizza and an even more amazing "giant calzone" it was so good!

(the flash on my phone camera is surprisingly bright ;)

but the best part is they have a bunch of cool board games you can play while you wait for your food to cook!  we played YAHTZEE!

It was lots of fun.

I scored a 361

And won!


  1. Where is this restaurant and why hasn't any one thought of putting out games before? I mean what goes better with appetizers than YAHTZEE?! I went on a date where we went to ihop for dinner and just played Rook at our table for over 3 hours. It was a sweet date. The best part, some random man that happened to be a magician came over to our table and did an awesome slight of hand show for us. I love random!


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