Colorado trip day 1

somewhere in the middle of no where we stopped at a gas station and snapped this one...

six hours into it we checked into our room and then set out to find some food.  we struck gold in the form of a ricotta sauce meatball pizza and an even more amazing "giant calzone" it was so good!

(the flash on my phone camera is surprisingly bright ;)

but the best part is they have a bunch of cool board games you can play while you wait for your food to cook!  we played YAHTZEE!

It was lots of fun.

I scored a 361

And won!

This blog promotes honesty

Sometimes.. I get old cartoon theme songs stuck in my head.  This one is a regular.  By regular I mean all the time.  It could even be weekly guys.




ultimate sigh...

ok.. for blast's sake...   I just busted out the winter sweat pants again.  what the frick happened to summer?  do we really have to do this whole being freezing cold for months on end thing again?!?  really!?

enjoy this blurry phone pic of my red sweat pants!


astoundingly astute (SARCASAM)

in all my years of being a computer professional ive never had to witness something so bad it gave me anxiety...

today... someone... could not find... their computer!

it was mounted in a classroom with 4 bolts, one in each corner.  it had a cd-rom and all the usb/card slots and buttons any computer should have.  she couldnt find it.  she was mad that someone took it out of the classroom and therefore she couldnt teach her class.


i dont know how i kept my composure.  all i wanted to do was scream.  someone please save me.


Grats Dr.Horrible

and here is the end of TV clip.


El paso

A while back I went to a "blue bird cafe" performance up at sundance.  This is one of my favorite songs from any that I heard at the few shows I went to.  Its a cowboy song called "El Paso" by Jon Randall. Enjoy.

Never mind.. its not working??? I'll email it to anyone who wants it.

my saturday + "9" movie review

Today went as follows:

  • Got up around noon and took a shower and shaved my face.  (it was time.. im pretty sure i was hideous)  But an ugly lip tuft with strip down to my chin managed to stay.  Im pretty sure I hate it.. but its still there.  
  • Mom and Dad came over and we all hopped in the jeep and went for a ride up provo canyon to wallsburg.  I've never rode in the back of my jeep so that was fun.  I took some pics.  The leaves are starting to change to fall colors so it was pretty.   Then we met some friends and drove up to strawberry reservoir.  My favorite part was seeing all the parasurfers catching HUGE air!  It looked so freaking fun!  Also there were some pretty amazing clouds.  And on the way back I saw some cool lightning.  Which always rules.

  • Then when I got home me and Barbara went to the movie 9.  And here is the official review.  There are only 2 ways to feel about this movie.  The first way requires a lot of "ifs", they are thus:  If you can watch the movie and not worry that the main character's voice is freaking elijah wood.  If you just concentrate on how it looks and how it sounds.  If you try not to think about why they made the movie.  If you try not to think about the ending.  If you try not to think about the story.  If you try not to think about what they are really trying to say in this movie.   Well then its a totally enjoyable movie!  However.. the more you start thinking about it.. the more it completely sucks.  So watch it.  But dont think about anything.

  • The day ends with Kevin making me some french toast.  I ate the hoof and it was the best.
  • And ive listened to "Its a brand new day" from Dr.Horrible sing along blog like a thousand times while writing this blog.
  • It seems that I love to use bullets in my blogs now.  This may or may not be a new trend for me.
  • Somewhere along the day I developed some back pain and a headache that is not messing around. 
  • If anyone tries to blame it on my hammock I swear here and now to end your life.  
  • No hammock blaspheme will be tolerated in this blog.
good night


life update

*slightly updated 
  • I still hate doors.
  • Not looking forward to the unforgiving sting of the cold season...
  • Lost my phone again yesterday. It was lost in plain sight. *sigh....
  • Sleeping in a hammock is an art. I am having fun relearning all my old tricks =)
  • Happy Anniversary Kela & Jon! You guys rule the earth!
  • AND Happy 30 years mom and dad! You guys are also good at ruling the earth!
  • Spiders in and near my house lately make me feel like a scared childish giant full of unnecessary wrath. HATE.
  • this is an awesome shirt
  • music is medicine
  • frustration is on the rise
  • I want to be Dr.Horrible for halloween. The red costume would be amazing.
  • Dr.Horrible's sing along blog is the coolest thing there is.
  • I wonder if I could make my own freeze ray or death ray to go with it...
  • I have a very over due book I just cant seem to finish! The orem library is not gonna pleased with me.
  • My dreams are filled with spectacular lightning of all kinds. It is truly marvelous.
  • Its been a while since ive kissed someone. (guh.. blast this truthful blog...)
  • For the past few weeks I have been wanting to spend money on something.. but am completely uninspired as to what that might be.
  • In 6th grade my teacher Mr.Keno gave all the students nick names. Mine was "sparky". I only remember one other nick name,.. Mr.Keno was bold enough to give the fat kid the name "Fridge". The guy absolutely loved his new name.
  • I would rather be doing anything else with my life right now.
  • Ive learned some surprising things about myself lately.
  • Last night for part of my dream I was a captain of a ship with sails. I spoke with a scottish/pirate accent. Ive never been so happy.
  • Every time I encounter a door at work I fantasize about all the different ways it could be obliterated. I have become exceedingly good at it. The person who best understands this statement, will best understand me.
  • I may write a book of some kind someday.
  • I think I use "google reader" more than any other google service.
  • The last few nights I've watched an episode of "top gear" before bed and laughed my guts out. Its probably the best part of my day.
  • Mindy Smith has the voice of an angel.
  • My crush on Sandra Bullock is still going strong.
  • My crush on Martina McBride is gaining momentum.
  • I miss little caesar's "big foot" pizza.
  • I just made my final payment on that damned wedding ring.
  • I also briefly dreamed that orem was visited by a giant earthquake that begat a fissure that produced a flow of magma. I was so excited I was cheering.
  • I think I enjoyed my last mouth destroying "fruit smoothie" from costco today.
  • Im curious about the new pirate pizza place in orem.. and why it has a gift shop?
  • Wonders what the future looks like...
  • I actually like yoga.
  • I have always wanted to be a to be a ninja or a scientist.  Not kidding.  As long as I can remember.. one of those 2 things was always at the top of the list.
Guess thats all for now. Thanks for reading.


revisiting an old favorite album

Going back to my junior year in high school? I'm pretty sure thats where the love of this album comes from. Going back to a time when I was destroying people endlessly while playing doom and or quake at school. I would put in this CD and it would give me incredible powers of pwn. So when I listen to it now.. it seriously just reminds me of endless face melting frag action. To be honest I have no idea where I got the CD. All I know is that its awesome. I dont really like this type of music.. I cant say that I like any of the other CD's they have but this one is so fused into my brain I have to like it.

If you would like to download the album let me know and ill send it to you.

Here is possibly my favorite song from the album: A Secret Place

Some dude killed a guy with a samurai sword

Of course im going to post this! haha! so this dude John Pontolillo hears the sounds of an intruder in his garage. naturally he does what anyone in his position would do,.. which is grab a samurai sword and confront the intruder! hah! i dont know about you guys but if i was a thief or criminal braking into some guys garage and then i see him wielding a freaking sword.. im going to be more concerned than if he had a gun or any other weapon. but thats just me. mysteriously the intruder decides not to run away in fear but to "lunge" at him. at which point samurai-john cuts his hand off in one swift slice. soon after he bleed to death. now i read another account that said he was stabbed with it and bled to death but i like the hand version better. anyway the guy he killed turns out to be a life long criminal and had apparently just gotten out of the county jail for something else.

i searched for the guys picture but only found this. it may or may not be him
and because everything about samurai is completely awesome.. enjoy these...


For those that love Chris Merritt

He just posted some new stuff I guess.  Here is a link to download everything he has on his site.


I freaking hate parasites!

Parasites... why the freak did god think it was ok to invent parasites!? They are the creepiest freak-o-zoidal things I have ever heard of. Sometimes silently plaguing mankind and animal kingdom alike. And then sometimes... they are not so silent. Like this fish who's obviously been having some bad luck as of late.

Go ahead and take a few minutes to be throughly horrified.  What you are looking at is a weaver fish found off the coast of  Jersey (an island near France and Normandy) with its mouth wide open.  Unfortunately this fish is missing its tongue, and the reason is simply that it was eaten by a particularly nasty parasite.  I was not able to find any official name for it, only that its a "rare tongue-eating parasite".  But thats not all folks.  This little fricker doesn't just eat your tongue and leave you demoralized.  Apparently its got "dozens of really sharp  and nasty claws" in which it is able to stay right where your tongue used to be.  But there is some good news, they say "it doesn't affect humans"  but im not sure if I buy that.. surely we humans are not immune to this terror of the seas.  However these freakin things are very aggressive so if you ever encounter one stay clear of it.. because it will likely bite the hell out of your finger if you try and pet it (I am being completely serious.  They actually said it would bite you pretty bad).  I'm not to worried you would, I think only the truly insane (and perhaps PETA) would be dumb enough to willingly approach a demon parasite such as this.

So lets talk about a new movie coming out called "takers"

I just watched a trailer for a new movie coming out called "takers". I am not posting the video on here for one good reason. I have full confidence in telling you that I'ts probably the worst movie ever made. Not only does Paul Walker have a leading role in the film but several others with equal talent. The best way to describe the film is this.. its as if they took a good movie like Ocean's Eleven and took away an amazing cast. Instead they put in the worst cast in history. Then they took out all the comedy and replaced it with cops and robbers dialog that sounds like it was written by a high school teenager.

Anyway so let this be a warning. Worst movie ever. Guaranteed.


this is awesome.

I want to be this guy!!!


this song is gorgeous

julia introduced this one to me... its fantastic.. give it a listen.

i love ninjas

i am not ashamed


just divorced

I saw this in the walmart parking lot today.


Google is cool and kinda scary

So I googled my name today. It was an interesting experience. Google Garit Heaton and you will be able to find how much my salary was last year. My blogs, all my comments on digg, a bunch of pictures, a bunch of professional webpages, a few UVU Staff webpages and.. my favorite find.. some random post on some website profile? or forum? .. anyway:
"Yeah I totally forgot about this site. In fact I don't even know what this site is for.
No I dont have any pets.. and let me tell you something else.. If I ever successfully invent a time machine I will only use it to go back in time and pay visits to any and all who try and come up with the idea to domesticate animals... at which point I will beat the hell out them.
Motorcycles rule but only if you are talking cruisers.. bullet bikes can go lick anti-freeze."
08-02-2008 04:40 PM
Holy crap! Im funny! I dont remember writing this at all!


This vid is for Davy

Your dream has come true!