life update

today i did something ive never done in my whole life.  i decided that rather than go home after a get together with old friends id go to the movie theater alone.  and watch a chick flick.  the proposal was very good i thought.  it may be the wussiest thing ive ever done.  oh well.. what are ya gonna do?

im now listening to a nickelback song and fully liking it.  i dont care what the world thinks of me.

after a long search i finally found some good motorcycle gear.  been trying to find a jacket i like for a long time.  ive hated all the new styles and have been pretty frustrated.  until tonight!  found a site with very good prices.  for the price i was planning on spending on just a jacket i ended up with a cool jacket, matching set of chaps, gloves and some goggles!  so that makes me happy.  hope it all fits well.  i had to order it all online because thats the only way to find anything that doesnt suck.

ive been really enjoying this website lately www.accuradio.com

i bought the new green lantern movie on blu-ray the day it came out.  it was really good i thought.  it came with a little action figure dude and i was very surprised to found out after playing with it that its far better than any GI JOE I had back in the day.. its like a freaking ninja!  its bends all over the place!  i was very impressed.

oh yeah i asked a hot girl for her number the other night.  it was a very interesting and fun experience.  we had a long talk (for just meeting each other) afterwards she decided i wasnt worthy of her number!  haha i was actually impressed that she had the guts to be honest with me like that.  this was the very first time ive been turned down when asking for a girls phone number.  and it was not dissapointing in the least!  haha.. my favorite part was telling dan about it afterwards.. he about died hearing about all the awkwardness lol.

ive spent more time with married people and there kids this week than the rest of my life combined i feel like.  its very very strange to me.

i really look forward to a saturday when i have enough energy to start working on modifying my motorcycle engine.  the mod im going to do is called "grampsizing" haha which is awesome.

guess thats it for now.


  1. G, it was so good to see you the other night-sounds like you have some exciting projects coming up:) Better luck next time with getting a girls number;) hehe.

  2. yeah im hoping i run into her again.. maybe the 2nd time will go a little smoother eh? lol

  3. K, I think your wussy movie venture is very healthy and delightful. I do that every once and awhile. I LOVE accuradio! Discovered it early in college.



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