The $10 billion joke train keeps on chuggin

So more bad news for the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) looks like there may be multiple helium leaks. Setting it back an easy 37 million dollars and delaying it yet again. Its been pushed back several times but if they really get it running by november maybe by the end of the year we will start getting some results and this foolishness can finally be put to an end.

but i really doubt it. in fact i almost wonder if they already know that the fictional exotic particle, the higgs boson nicknamed the "god particle" will never be found or proven and they are just staling on purpose. i hate what happened to science. one expensive joke after another. when will it end? how much evidence do we have to accumulate? how much proof do we need? how many failures do we have to endure from mainstream astronomy and physics before they stop treating the electric model as anathema.

plasma cosmology is not just some new idea from some crazy guy that never leaves his basement. how bout a little history...

Kristian Birkeland (1867-1917), Norway
Said the aurora was actually charged particles coming from the sun. Later he proved this in an experiment he called the "Terella Experiment" where he actually created a mini aurora in a laboratory. He is the perfect example for astronomers and physicist to follow because he was actually trained as a freaking MATHEMATICIAN and yet wasn't satisfied with only abstract theory. He died while in the process of being nominated for the nobel prize in physics. Electric currents in space are named after him (Birkeland Currents)

Irving Langmuir (1881-1957), USA
The dude that invented the word "Plasma" as pertaining to electrical currents and magnetic fields. Also discovered "double layers" and "valence"(in regards to the atom). He was also the first non-academic chemist to get the nobel prize.

Hannes Alfven (1908-1995), Sweden
Pretty much the father of Plasma Physics. Continued the work of Birkeland. Published "Cosmical Electrodynamics" in 1950 by the Oxford University Press. Opposed all the big bang theorists by saying the galaxy contained a large-scale magnetic field and that charged particles moved in spiral orbits inside it, due to forces made by the field, and that plasma carried the electrical currents which make the magnetic field. 1970 won the nobel prize in physics.

David Bohm (1917-1992), USA
Discovered the instabilities and resistivity of magnetized plasmas which are now named after him.

Just for starters...

So it seems to me that we have a pretty solid foundation/beginning and yet we are largely ignored and treated unfairly by mainstream scientists. And why is that? Well I have a guess. Yes its pride, but mostly its money. The LHC is a great example. 10 billion freaking dollars! And this is probably just a drop in the bucket when you think of all thats been put into wrong theories and bad science. who wants to admit that all this time and all this money was wasted? Sorta makes me sick to my stomach. I can't believe how it just keeps on going. Eventually the LHC will find ZERO conclusive evidence and yet they will never say "well that was sure fun but we never found anything" instead you will read in some magazine the words "we have taken the closest look at the infinitesimal beginning of the universe and found that there must be much more there than we expected. we are continuing to look deeper into our understanding of the nature of the universe and look forward to future experiments.. bla bla bla bull crap" they will spin all this waste of time and money as though they have learned something by not detecting a single freaking thing they theorized they would find! And this is not just the LHC.. its been happening for years.. every new experiment launched into space bent on proving anything about abstract gravitational theory comes back with the same results.. not finding anything but saying "oh now we know its not THAT theory.. must be something else.. give us more money and we will get right on inventing new pretty looking math and launch some new BS project and totally further science this time.. we swear!"

so once again i ask.. when does it end? i hope i live to see it.

wow this turned into quite the little rant lol.. i probably just lost half of my subscribers.. haha

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  1. So do you still believe that the sun is made of giant round lightning bolts? Because I'm pretty convinced it is a massive nuclear furnace. Just saying.


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