another browser

lots of browser action lately!  this time its apple's safari  version 4 beta.  good first impressions.  it is fast.  in fact in my own little side by side tests with chrome it seemed a little faster.  i like the tool bars a little better than chrome (as far as size goes.. its only slightly less space than chrome.  i like a very compact toolbar area.)  i also like the "top sites" (new tab) screen.  i like how fast everything loads and that there is no extra click needed to activate flash objects (unlike opera /sadface)  i did have to change a few options to get things how i like.  oh and the spellcheck i thought was snappy and nice.

now heres what i hate:

  • scrolling is painfully slow compared to chrome.  for this reason alone i wont use safari.  
  • i dont like how page titles dont change to let you know whats going on in the window.
  • you cant move tabs around at all.
  • i need more options and customization for the toolbars and interface!
note: im sure speeding up the mouse wheel scrolling is an easy hack but i dont know how to hack it.

conclusion: indeed they made a speedy browser that can compete with chrome.  it lacks a lot of features though.  the scrolling is hard for me to deal with.  like impossible.  so im still using a combination of chrome firefox and IE (for work related apps).  opera used to be a favorite but it cant compete with desktop browsers anymore.


  1. I'm just touched that you'd even consider it. Just a little more time and you'll see the light and all it has to offer.

  2. to be honest mark, i have to admit with the dismal hole that is the future of windows.. and as much as i love linux.. im as close to mac as ive ever been. im even considering making one of my laptops a hackintosh just to get a taste of it. lol. i cant see myself "converting" but im way more open in to it now.. just because of how repulsive windows vista and 7 are to me. and for a beta.. safari 4 is a pretty sweet little browser. i just wish firefox was as fast. its no where near it.


Thanks for the comments.