a word about the symphony

i shall tell you of the symphony...

first here is the "all-star evening" lineup:
Sergei Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No.3 in D minor
Richard Wagner - Lohengrin: Prelude to Act III
Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 2 in C minor ("Little Russian")

ok let me just tell you how different and incredible it is to be on the FRONT ROW! it was a whole new experience. the symphony becomes not just something that is seen and heard but FELT! branden got us THE best seats in the house for sure. being close enough to see 18 year old Conlan Miller's hands smash the keys to the famous Rach 3 was incredible.

however.. that was not the only incredible thing i witnessed that night.. for the first half this was the seating arrangement. Tiera - Branden - Kareena - Me and last but not least.. some old guy with "a problem"

so here i am witnessing arguably one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen while being horribly distracted by this man with "a problem". what was his problem? well who knows really but for some reason he decided to "mouth noise" the entire flippin concerto! if you dont know what "mouth noising" is ask branden or dan or myself... current raining champions... or so i thought... to be honest.. as amazing as the utah symphony+conlan miller doing Rach 3 was... this "mouth noiser" was almost equally amazing! so.. 2 incredible things happening at the same time on 2 opposite ends of the spectrum. one beautiful the other insane yet both impressive. needless to say it was a unique experience. it was exhausting for my mind to run from one edge of the inspiring plane of musical wonder to the edge creative violence that this man inspired in me, over and over... back and forth! At one point i looked over at kareena and branden wishing i could convey my horrifying dilemma but they could only look at my quizzically. later i could only laugh out loud at the irony of it all. a person uses the art of mouth noising when a clearly unimpressive situation presents itself. this man had that special quality of soul to mouth noise through the enitre Rach 3 concerto! Unbelievable! One moment I was forced to think about how wonderful it might feel to throw all my weight into a flying elbow and the supreme satisfaction it might be to let it crash into his face! and a moment later i was thrown back into the awe of Rach 3...

it was... incredible.

anyway.. after the intermission the amazing mouth noiser decided to sit a few seats down from me for the last half and i was truly grateful..

all in all it was a fantastic date. we all had a good time.. even though branden had to suffer a few minor set backs.. namely: he couldn't find where his date lived.. and had to have her come to his apartment. then there was an incident involving a fair amount of melted butter and his new vest.. and then.. his car battery died. which forced his date to donate her car for the evening =)

but like i said.. despite all this.. we all had a fantastic time!

here is a video of a different rach 3 .. enjoy


  1. Hey, member the symphony? That was cool.

    I'm glad you can't see the butter stains on my vest... or the stains of disappointment in my date's face because of all the bad crap that kept happening. Ha.

  2. Please demonstrate the "art" of mouth noise for me one day, I'm curious as to it's meaning.

  3. This is hilarious and I, too, need to hear mouth noises before I leave this state. And by the by, check out the guns on the pianist in that video! I would not want to run into her in a dark alley.

  4. We sat third row... and I gotta say.. I think it would sound better from the one of the balconies... I felt blasted by the string section. Next time I go I'm going to overcome my fear of heights and pick balc 1 or 2 .


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