windows 7 rc

i download the 3gig windows 7 .iso and installed it in a virtual machine and played with it for a bit tonight. here are my thoughts:

i completely hate it.
it may be minutely better than vista...
but that means its still not any better than fresh manure.

i really hoped the few good reviews i heard and read would actually be true...
sadly no.. nothing could ever convince me to use it. i think this marks the sad end of windows. at least for me it does.

so long.. and thanks for all the fish


  1. you know I'd squeal like a girl if you finally make the switch. And I'm not talking Linux.

  2. and that would be like switching from fresh manure to steaming manure and maggots

  3. whoa.. are you saying you hate mac worse than windows? i dont think i would ever say that lol


Thanks for the comments.