nerd news update

been checking the interwebs for the latest nerd news and i have 2 things to report.

first: new version of google browser chrome is out (v2.0)
i gotta say i didnt like the old one very much but this one is way way fast. fastest thing out right now as far as i can tell. and in some ways twice as fast as the old version. and i must say its working fantastically well for my needs. i love that i can move tabs from one browser on one lcd screen to another browser on another lcd screen.. lol thats about the extent of my rigorous testing. any way. for basic browsing.. i think nothing beats it's speedy delivery.

2nd: there were about 2 million posts about freaking robots!
im talkin creepy japanese made robots.. robot fiction.. robot freaking everything. and yes i realize transformers 2 and the new terminator are out and coming out so theres lots of robot excitement in the world but c'mon! im sick of it! please no more blasted robot spam!


  1. still no chrome for mac - *sad face*
    ps - I hate your "Comment As" drop down menu *smile face*

  2. hmm.. can i change that to something you prefer?


Thanks for the comments.