hulu on ps3

here you go mark.  finally tested it out a bit.  here is some crappy day time action shots.

it works.. the browser is not perfect.. and these are not in hulu's "HD" but it does work.  ive been watching death note as you can see lol.  I cant seem to get hulu's "HD" to show up though.. the audio works but the video is just black.. you might have better luck on your tv.. i have a hunch its something to do with my LCD screen in my projector.  im going to keep messing with it though..



  1. sweet. I watch a few shows on Hulu. Right now my iMac is right by and connected to my TV. The PS3 would be a great solution for when my iMac is in another room.
    Thanks for testing it for me. Now I just need money for a PS3.
    Do you have surround speakers yet? are you going to do a 5.1 or 7.1 system?

  2. right now ive got a 5.0 speaker system.. a sub would be too much for my small apartment at the moment. Probably gonna stick to the 5.1 standard. I probably dont have many movies that can do 7.1 anyway.


Thanks for the comments.