MSG and Aspartame

If you are eating foods with MSG or drinking anything with aspartame (NutraSweet) then you need to read this latest news letter I got from GSG today. I believe this 100%

A 30-Second Digest on What You Should Know about MSG and Aspartame
31 January 2009

You know aspartame (NutraSweet) and MSG (monosodium glutamate), are bad for you. Deadly, really. Just because it's in so much of the processed food we eat doesn't mean these chemicals are harmless.
Today I want you to have new understanding of why you are vaulting your disease risk with every sugar-free Jello or Diet Coke you drink.

Dr. Russell Blaylock has studed excitotoxins extensively and has been the main voice educating the public. I'm giving you, bullet-point style, what you can read in his three books on excitotoxins, the link to cancer, and nutrition secrets.

* MSG and aspartame are excitotoxins and glutamates, deadly in hundreds of ways in living things.

* MSG and aspartame feeds cancer, helping it start, grow fast, become more mobile, and invade other tissues.

*These chemicals break down into formaldehyde that damages DNA and causes cancer.

*Every diet drink or food with NutraSweet you consume accumulates in your body, does not leave.

*MSG can cause irritable bowel syndrome or make it much worse.

*Many arrhythmias and cardiac problems are caused by MSG and aspartame, but no one diagnoses a heart attack as caused by these chemicals.

*Hydrolyzed vegetable protein and caseinate have lots of glutamates (MSG) that damage the nervous system and they are found in baby foods.

*Excitotoxins lead very directly to obesity.

*Soy protein isolates are some of the foods highest in glutamates, and those who eat the most soy have the highest dementia and brain atrophy.

*Getting off soy products can eliminate migraines.

*Glutamates opens up the blood-brain barrier, so the brain is not protected. (Alzheimer's patients virtually all have lost their barriers.)

*Dr. Blaylock says he's gotten many seizure patients off MSG and their seizures disappear.

*Although glutamates are found in foods like tomatoes and seaweed, they are bound in amino acid groupings. Dangerous glutamates are free floating, and chemical excitotoxins increase glutamates in the body by 20x to 40x, which the body cannot handle.

*Vitamin E, curcumin, and ginkgo biloba block glutamates.

*Even restaurants that say they don't use MSG may have it, because of bottled sauces they buy, especially creamy/white sauces. Most cardiac deaths are following restaurant meals.

*If you eat MSG, you are risking autism and ADD for your kids, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's for yourself, and obesity for everybody.

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  1. (to be read with much sarcasm) So Dan's effort to lose weight is really killing him? Wish someone would have told him sooner. Poor guy.

  2. Is my name on the end of this thing as a hint or something?? I think I only get aspartame in gum... I don't diet, I eat the real sugar, less deadly I'm sure :)

  3. retardation. that's the biggest load of crap i have ever read. they make it sound worse than heroine.

    "If you eat MSG, you are risking autism and ADD for your kids, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's for yourself, and obesity for everybody."

    LOL Yeah okay. Hopefully my autistic kids will be able to take care of me in the throes of dementia.

  4. lol dan. i expected nothing less of you.


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