a side of dan you may not have seen...

This is a picture of dan during some of his more rowdy days.. 


  1. Did he really have rowdy days? really? I'm not convinced. I mean sure, he had some wild hair styles, but was he ever rowdy? Gandolfo's? not rowdy. Holding babies? not rowdy. Shooting bunnies from the back of a truck? Perhaps. Sitting on a stationary motorcycle? not rowdy.

  2. At an early age, Dan justly simply transcended 'rowdy' and ascended to the rare level of an iconic iconoclast. Wither he was exploding pipe bombs in a city park, or taking down Pepsi cans from dangerous heights; Dan has always stood for the dissemination of anything not traditional and the destruction for the norm.
    We would hail you Dan, however we know you would simply scoff at us for being so tradionally predictable. How could Dan stand for such potentially pretentious, and pathetically predictable verbosity.
    In other words, I also don't think Dan is rowdy.


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