sometimes i wish i had a different life.  maybe instead of fixing computers for the last 12 years i coulda been doing stuff like this..

An introduction to falconry

This is for you dan.


who knew biff was so funny?


a music exercise

music is great for a lot of things.  for example daft punk is great for many situations but it seems to excel in the area of  running/jogging/gym.  when youre in a good mood and want to have a vocal rock out session.. i believe journey will never let you down.  the're are many examples.  but..

when was the last time you had a truly quiet moment and devoted it entirely to music.  its probably been a while.  you may have completely forgotten how this is properly done.  so here we go lets make it happen.  i mean truly quiet here so lets turn off all your tech, that means tv, cell phone, microwave, washer and dryer and any other infernal blasted beeping machine.  now turn your brain off.  this will be the hard par.  forget all your problems, worries and stress.  ladies this will be particularly hard for you since youve probably never had a single quiet moment in your busy little heads your entire life but give it a try anyway. 

once you've turned off the world.. hit this button and close your eyes.  give in to it completely.

***now most of you probably dont have amazing sound systems hooked up to your computers so it might be a good idea to go grab the best headphones you can find.***


starts filming in june...

just thought you should know  =)


i love music

i wish i could sit in a room with a giant window overlooking a lake in the mountains and listen to music for the rest of my life.  today i bought a cd.  and then i got home i downloaded twenty more cd's.  music is such a powerful spark in the brain.  sometimes i cant help but stay up all night and listen.  sometimes to vastly different genres back to back.  sometimes to one cd for hours.  sometimes one single song will hold sway over me for hours on end.  i love how it enlivens the imagination and empowers life.  there are so many things i wish i could do...

30 seconds to mars is a favorite tonight.  check em out.

ps i want to see avatar again.



loved it.

i almost dont want to say anything else about it.  but i guess i will.  the movie was neat.  i related to it in a way most people didnt.  its my understanding that james cameron has been wanting to make this movie for like 20 years or so but couldn't do it with the tech available at the time.  so for him the long time dream finally came true and he got to share it with the world.  i bet thats a cool feeling.  im pretty sure this was the most expensive film in history.  when you factor in all the advertising i think it comes to something in the range of 200 - 500 million.  anyway.. the movie was neat because it was like stepping into someone else' dream.  to me thats very cool.  i am a dreamer.  i would love to be able to share something epic like that. 

i recommend seeing this movie on a digital screen in your favorite theater.  try to pick a time when no one else will be there, especially children and noisy high school kids.  Or,.. wait till it comes to blu-ray and watch it at home in a dark room with no distractions and really let your imagination go.  That is the best way I can think of to enjoy this film. just be a kid again for a few hours.

or if your name is dan jackson.. skip the movie and just watch some sports instead..
to everyone else i completely recommend seeing avatar.  =)

my dream home

this one is cool too



a mild crush on Mélanie Laurent is still in effect.


somewhere over the rainbow

meet iz. he sings a great song.


life finds a way..

..to quote jurassic park. anyway i find myself talking to people on this subject all the time. you find life everywhere you least expect it. the planet has a pretty incredibly diverse population of life. and if you take a look at some of earths most hostile living conditions.. chances are you will still find it teaming with life.

take a look at this article entitled "Top Ten Places Where Life Shouldn't Exist... But Does"

i would like to make a statement

by posting this video i only want to express a couple things...

first: japanese is obviously the coolest language on the planet. period. nothing even comes close.

second: some of the coolest and perhaps most messed up stuff comes from japan.

now i also want to say that i dont know anything about final fantasy. ive never played the games and i dont know any of the story lines so im not trying to advertise the game. however.. i will say this. they sound amazing on a good theater system. and im talking speakers with lots of watts pumped into em.

final statement: ive decided that when i die nothing would be more comforting than to hear a japanese voice usher me through the heavens. either a soft woman's voice or a gruff samurai voice. that would be the greatest thing ever. i dont even care if i understand what they are saying. if i die and see a dude in full samurai armor shouting long sentences at me and pointing to a gate.. that would be more than sufficient.

the antikythera mechanism

saw this today and thought it was interesting.  it is pretty amazing what people were able to do over two thousand years ago.

part 1


part 2


ADELE - Hometown Glory

this is a repost.. but i can never find it when i want it so.. here it is again for my own sanity's sake,.

also..  this is probably my favorite post on my blog right now so im gonna post it again.  it makes me laugh every time i look at it.

"cobra commander - ultimate badass"  lol



tonight i embrace my geeky solitude.  tonight involves rolled tacos and a giant burrito at betos.  tonight is a midnight movie alone.  tonight is a night ive been looking forward to for months.  tonight is ninja fricken assassin.

these are pics from preproduction training.

and here is one from the movie set

so.. tonight will be a good night.  and it starts right now...

i find myself blogging

so here is a peek into my life.  its freezing in this room.  im wearing a beanie, hoody, socks, and a freaking blanket.  and.  ive got my motorcycle gloves on so i can type on this keyboard without fear of gangrene.

ive got headphones on and im listening to something called "Now Big Hits 2009" disc one.  i  hated the first song.  the 2nd song is cold play viva la vida.  so this is really getting off on the wrong foot..

ive got a pretty serious beard growing in..  ill call it a winter beard.

i have an overwhelming and possibly difficult to understand desire to go see the movie "ninja assassin" tomorrow at midnight..

the wow servers have been down all day.  which may be a large portion of the reason im blogging and not wowing right now.  ive spent a considerable amount of time today on the forums trying to learn how to squeeze every last drop of dps out of my blood spec'd dk.  does anyone know the current caps for 3.2.2 ?  im pretty sure hit is still 8% and exp. is still 25 but what about crit?  armor pen is 100% -10% from blood gorged and minus what ever trinket procs you have.. but what does that mean really as far as rating goes?

do you see why playing wow is serious business?  there is literally hundreds of thousands of pages out there theorycrafting for this game.  you gotta know what youre doing if you want to be competitive.  which i am.  wanna see what i look like after only playing for a few weeks?  of course you do.. meet Megahertz!

ok so the servers are still down so i cant give you a real pic.. i had to compile this from wowhead from my items on the armory so you dont get to see what the sword looks like enchanted and all that.


the servers are down.. soo.. i find myself blogging...



i totally missed the metor shower this month!  it was supposed to be a good one too!  up to like 300 per hour...

did anyone watch it?


body hair

im talking gnarly beards, mustaches, chops and all the rest.  its a symbol of ultimate manliness.  i have always made fun of any dude who thought he found a good excuse to shave his legs.  i dont care if you are an olympic swimmer.  there is no reason to shave your legs...

now however, for the first time in my life i think ive changed my mind about hair.  well maybe not exactly.. i still admire all my friends who can grow outstanding face hair.  ive always wished i could grow massive chops.  i still think body hair = ultimate.  but.. im sick of hair.  all of it.  lets face it.  its annoying to shave all the time.  buying razors and blades and shaving cream all the time sucks too.  but on the flip side face hair is equally annoying after a point.  its just itchy and scratchy and awful.  plus most ladies are not into kissing a big wire-brush on your lip. 

so ive decided that i dont want any hair anywhere.  no face hair no arm/leg hair not even eyebrows or lashes.  i want it all to go.  basically i have 2 choices here.  i can be that guy from the movie powder.  hes cool right?

that or i could just get cancer from head to toe.  i would gladly take either one.



i enjoy this music

http://www.myspace.com/interferenceireland  yes its irish.  listen to the song gold.

also ive been listening to this band for a while.  they are great.  give em a listen.  owl city

dreams are interesting things...

most of the time dreams are as tangible as fog and memorable as toast.  other times they can be the complete opposite.  last night i dreamed i had a long time relationship with this woman. 

shes from a tv show ive only seen twice. (castle)
i dont understand why my brain would pull such an obscure person into such a believable alternate reality.  i remember so many details about a different life.  dreams are interesting things...

freaking cool video

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.


2 more movies

prince of persia.  visually amazing disney movie.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

next is a new dreamworks film about dragons.  and you know i love dragons.


samurai and spaceships

i dont have the words for how awesome this is.  filmed in slovenia with a red camera.  its a live action cgi hybrid.  the director gary shore from ireland have only made one film previous to this one.  this is in the "low budget" category.

but c'mon!  its a sci-fi samurai movie!!!!  and see how fantastic it LOOKS!

The Cup of Tears film trailer. Dir. Gary Shore from Gary Shore on Vimeo.


i think ive been visited by one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  why?  simply because i got sick a few weeks ago and it took about 2 weeks to get over it and about another week for it to start to die off.  THEN!  last night i had a completely horrible night of cough, fever and general misery.  getting 2 separate sicknesses back to back?  screw this!  its gotta be the apocalypse right?  if im going to be sick for another 3+ weeks then believe me when i say id rather be dead.  death or ryuk if youre listening.. please take me now...
in fact lets go ahead and compile a proper "id rather" list right now...

  • id rather accidentally wander onto a giant electro magnet wearing jeans made of iron and then be hurled into space
  • id rather wake up in the morning with a 3 pound bolivian banana spider perched on my chest
  • id rather have one of my eyes fall out every once in a while
  • id rather be attacked by a large group of LARP'ers
  • id rather take a bath with an angry stingray

  • id rather take my chances wearing an "I've kicked a thousand dogs and counting" t-shirt at a PETA protest
  • id rather drink a quart of tequila-eggnog without taking a breath
  • id rather be taken prisoner by terrorists and then used as a test subject for a brand new torture using water boarding and electric eels
  • id rather get beat up by an african zebra that knows karate and talks like snoop dog
  • id rather know what the inside of an anaconda's stomach smells like

  • id rather have my toes removed by lightning bolts
  • id rather have 12 foot flames come out my ears every time i sneeze
  • id rather smell like wonder bread
  • id rather be related to the guy from the wallflowers
  • i would rather a wizard appear unto me and curse me so that every room i enter for the rest of my life will have all its wallpaper replaced with images of elijah wood
so in summary.. f being sick.


    mutil track ghostbusters guy.. hah!

    i would honestly feel cool if it were me who did this.. hahah

    25 Random things about me

    9 months ago branden posted one of these on facebook.. and for some reason.. i only now just read it. so im gonna take a crack at it myself.

    1. lightning.  I could leave it at that.  I think its more than sufficiently descriptive of me.

    2. for days i have been trying to decide what my "dream car" would be and i am having the hardest time of it! i seriously have no idea what my dream car is. ive really been trying. ive been watching hours and hours of top gear lately. im totally educating myself too. a couple days ago i went to a place in provo that makes incredible $110,000+ kit cars. They were amazing! but Im still not sold. They also showed me a million dollar roadster they made with a Ford GT engine in it. Awesome! but is it for me? not really. I honestly dont think I have a dream car.

    3. If I could go back in time and hang out with anyone I wanted.  with out a doubt there is only person on the earth i would hang out with.  Nikola Tesla.  is there anyone more cool than the "master of lightning" himself?  i think not.

    4. I completely hate pets.  This is something people have to deal with if they want to associate with me unfortunately.

    5. I already know what my biggest failure in life will be when i die. Who else is crazy enough to say that? Im 27 years old and I already know what it is.  Im not talking about some great mistake I made in the past. Its just something I want to do but know I never will be able to.

    6. I've been a food connoisseur ever since my first job at the age of 14.

    7. I have only 2 things i would run into a burning house for to rescue. My blankets firstly because they are  like my children and my wooden musical coin bank my grandpa made me when i was a kid. I've had that bank for as long as I can remember. Its like the only possession that survived my childhood. I no longer have any GI Joes or action figures. Really nothing else I can think of has survived.

    8. I hate the wallflowers with a limitless depth of passion. Even I dont truly understand it. All I know is that its real and dangerous.

    9. This may shock a lot of people but I hate technology. I've never been satisfied with a cell phone or an operating system or an mp3 player or anything. Im sure i'll be living on a star ship enterprise before I will actually approve of any one bit of technology. I think we have a long way to go.

    10. When I was growing up my mother would always tell me that I was an alien. For reals she would tell me that. She told me that I was an alien and that some day in the future I would mature into and discover my alien powers. she would tell me to be careful when i tapped into my powers.  haha!  I dont remember thinking much about it but looking back on it now I think It greatly effected my brain and the way I think and dream. I absolutely love that she did that.

    11. I hate: doors, locks, keys, stairs, when plants touch me, when animals touch me, bugs, many things in the ocean, poorly compressed music or sound of any kind, am radio (unless its during a lightning storm), professional sports, anything that has to do with professional sports, pets, PETA, pet owners, when i have to go to wal-mart, when i have to go to the bathroom, being any kind of sick, most keyboards, most mice, laundry, hospitals, any kind of doctors office, dishonesty, and anything that beeps!

    12. I may be one of the few guys on this earth that is not interesting in seeing 2 girls kiss.

    13. I love: getting a hair cut and shave with a straight blade, lightning and anything related to it, a good book (which seems to be a rare find lately), pumpkin pie from scratch, all sorts of music, listening to music on audio equipment worth more than a typical home, witnessing explosions, witnessing car crashes, when people vomit, top gear, my hammock, motorcycles, driving my jeep with the windshield down, good food, women, boats, skipping rocks, hitting rocks with sticks, comic characters like Thor and Magneto, mirrored sun glasses, rock sliding down mountains, and science.

    14. There are some things I'm wussily afraid of and other things manily not afraid of.  i may have just made up both of those words.  lol.  examples of wussy fears: insects, kelp/seaweed, crabs, spider webs, and eel!  however i also have manly resistances to things: i will never have a problem with heights, no problem jumping off of cliffs and ive always wanted to sky dive, ive been perfectly comfortable to stand on the edge of the grand canyon with one foot over the edge(actually i think i have a picture of that somewhere).  ive done a lot of dangerous things that should have scared me but didnt.  ive done a lot of freestyle rock climbing with no gear at all.  i admit to doing completely insane things without a 2nd thought.  im also not afraid of girl rejection and awkward situations.  lol in fact i like it.

    15. i hate capitalizing letters.  but sometimes its so ingrained into me that i still do it half the time.  as you will notice in this blog half the time there are capitals and half the time not.  i am unwilling to change either half for conformity's sake.  it does bother me however.  now you know...

    16. the one thing i miss from my time in bolivia is being able to pee anywhere and everywhere.  that was easy to get used to and easy to miss.  i wish america would adopt a similar policy.

    17. every year i say "i never want to see another utah winter" and its still true.  so far ive been unable to avoid it.  i want to go live on a boat somewhere nice.

    18. movies in my top 3: the count of monte cristo, kung fu panda, inglorious bastards, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

    19. I do not believe in mainstream astronomy and physics.  That includes crap like black holes.  Thats all Im gonna say though because I could talk about this one for hours.

    20. i have a weakness for movies that have ninjas, dragons, wizards, and swords.  i am not ashamed.

    21. I saw a UFO at lake powell a few years ago.

    22. i am fascinated with the differences in men and women.  we are truly a different species.

    23. i have always wanted to make my own fireworks.

    24. sometimes i crave maple bars and half and half.

    25. I value honesty in people.

    (sorry for the short answers at the end.  i got sick of this.  i want to go buy shoes now)

    found the pic of me standing on one leg over the edge with one foot in the air =)


    wonders of the internet

    I think the internet just told me what I will look like when im old.

    And dang do I look good!


    conversation with my sister today

    Me and Kela were both on the computer today.  I looked over and saw a picture of a dog on what looked like KSL.com

    me: Are you looking at dogs!!??

    Kela: no...

    me: Good.  I'm watching you...

    Kela: ...

    me: wait.. are you really looking at dogs?

    Kela: Yes!

    me: WHAT!?

    Kela: Im just looking!

    me: Kela you realize I dont respect pets owners right?

    Kela: you're ridiculous...

    me: If Jesus had a pet I would not respect him.

    Kela: Oh my gosh youre so ridiculous!

    and so on...


    My first sports post ever!

    and probably my last.

    But look at this amazing 9 year old kid scoring the coolest looking hockey goal I've ever seen!


    who wants to see an awesome 10 min video of ...

    ...bullets hitting things. but. filmed with a 1 million frames per second camera!

    Does anyone else remember doing this when you were young?

    addicted to top gear

    i think i found my favorite episode of top gear today. they got dropped off somewhere in south korea and were given enough money to buy a used scooter or motorcycle. then they had to make their way 1000 miles north into north korea. it was hilarious. and the country was beautiful. im convinced there would be no better job than to be one of those 3.

    i would love to have a similar adventure.


    theres been some changes, perhaps i should blog them a bit

    my life has had to make a few adjustments lately.  but before i start talking about that.  i found the greatest carved pumpkin ever created.  seeing this in real life must be freaky.

    the predator pumpkin.  incredible.

    now here is some music while you read.  i dont care if you think its gay.  its awesome.

    so i quit my job. here is the truth behind why. (the long short version) 8 years ago i went to bolivia as a missionary. i got sick with some unknown illness 15 months into it and had to come home. i spent 7 years trying to deal with a nameless debilitating disease. ive known for a long time that things were unavoidably getting worse. i knew this day would eventually come. i gave it absolutely everything i had. more specifically i gave work all the energy i could but in the end it degraded to this. so anyway it was a good run. ive now been sick for for a total of 8 years.

    there is of course more to this story. early this year i finally was able to get a diagnosis. lyme disease. and a host of issues stemming from lyme. the timing of this information was perfectly painful. i was going through a rough divorce when i learned about what it really was. an indescribably horrible bacterial infection. slow but fatal. transmitted by a bolivian blood-sucking bug bite. ive had a year to deal with all the hard truth.

    however. its not over yet. there are still a few things on the list. after quitting my job i intended to give a few more possible treatments a try. the first one i started on friday my last day of work. and by no small miracle.. and for the first time ever, after trying innumerable other things.. this actually feels promising. so thats good news.

    of course.. after the ocean of failures ive been through. im not holding my breath. but, this is more "light at the end of the tunnel" than ive had all these awful 8 years. so i cant help but be a little up beat about it. the prospect of being able to wear actual shoes this winter is overwhelming to say the least. speaking of.. does anyone know of a shoe that wins the "most comfortable shoe ever" category? ive not bought shoes in forever! i have no idea what to look into.

    also. i have other good news. ive been offered a fantastic job that will be able to suit me much better than the demanding job i had before. which is more amazing than i can really describe or say here.  

    so thats all the major life changes i can think of...

    as for minor changes. today i spent a good while at the audi dealership in salt lake. it was actually a lot of fun for me. before today i honestly didnt care at all for audi's. but after spending the day over there i left feeling very impressed. and i can now possibly see myself owning one someday.  


    TTS Roadster


    so what kind of audi are you?


    its been a while..

    since i posted something about awesome ninja movies.  so here ya go.  this is the new John Woo movie, and its called "Red Cliff"  enjoy.


    a few things:

    • I am loving music like crazy this week. As in spending hours awake listening to music instead of sleeping. 
    • I am no longer interested in sleep at all I think. 
    • Anxiousness is on the rise. 
    • I am already completely sick of being cold. I wore a scarf all day long. Not kidding. I just now took it off. Did you hear that? A blazing scarf for frick sake!? 
    • Im listening to Paramore's - Brand New Eyes album... and liking it. A lot. 
    • Thanks again to Adam Daly for hooking me up with .revolutiontt. (by the way, they are doing the "double up" thing again. im thinking about doing 40gb worth. just an fyi) Edit: I just donated $14 for 40gb woot! 
    • I really wanted to ride the bike today but didnt cuz I don't have infinite saddle bags,.. or saddle bags period. 
    • Infinite saddle bags would be awesome! C'mon Science! Where's your black holes now!?
    • Reloaded my computer with windows 7 final release today (non-64bit version) and I think I like my RC 64bit version better than this one. It was way faster and dare I say.. less buggy?!? I need to try the final 64bit version now I guess. 
    • I dont think ill ever be completely happy with a computer or cell phone's hardware or software. I want to live on the enterprise. 
    • Or in a cave like this one.. 
    • My favorite number is still 3. But I don't think im crazy. 
    • Ive been craving banana creme pie in a fierce way... for days! 
    • This cd rocks! 
    • I love .flac everyone everywhere should be using nothing else. 
    • I definitely still love Vertical Horizon. 
    • I plan on spending some quality time at reference audio in the near future. *GRIN 
    • Its very possible I've downloaded 20gb of music today. Thats a lot for me. 
    • Dan had a great idea tonight for being a food critic. It involves trumpets and if really bad.. trombones.
    • Tonight was probably at least one of these.


    interesting new music discovery...

    ok.. so.. Chris Daughtry... I knew the name but thats about it. Heard him do this remake..

    and really loved it. then I found out he was on american idol and all that. I think I love him. Don't judge me.


    Colorado trip day 1

    somewhere in the middle of no where we stopped at a gas station and snapped this one...

    six hours into it we checked into our room and then set out to find some food.  we struck gold in the form of a ricotta sauce meatball pizza and an even more amazing "giant calzone" it was so good!

    (the flash on my phone camera is surprisingly bright ;)

    but the best part is they have a bunch of cool board games you can play while you wait for your food to cook!  we played YAHTZEE!

    It was lots of fun.

    I scored a 361

    And won!

    This blog promotes honesty

    Sometimes.. I get old cartoon theme songs stuck in my head.  This one is a regular.  By regular I mean all the time.  It could even be weekly guys.




    ultimate sigh...

    ok.. for blast's sake...   I just busted out the winter sweat pants again.  what the frick happened to summer?  do we really have to do this whole being freezing cold for months on end thing again?!?  really!?

    enjoy this blurry phone pic of my red sweat pants!


    astoundingly astute (SARCASAM)

    in all my years of being a computer professional ive never had to witness something so bad it gave me anxiety...

    today... someone... could not find... their computer!

    it was mounted in a classroom with 4 bolts, one in each corner.  it had a cd-rom and all the usb/card slots and buttons any computer should have.  she couldnt find it.  she was mad that someone took it out of the classroom and therefore she couldnt teach her class.


    i dont know how i kept my composure.  all i wanted to do was scream.  someone please save me.