oh how i hate it.  i dont watch tv AT ALL.  its been months since i even had a way to watch tv.  even then the only thing i really watched "regularly" was conference.  but.. there is one show that i have been sorta watching (from the internet) from the begining.  heroes.  and yeah somethings are cool about the show ill admit.  but mostly im disapointed in a lot of ways.  for the most part i feel that all tv is the same.  absolute crap.  i hate it all honestly.  never ending commercials.  bad acting.  innapropreate content.  and a million other annoyances.  i dont think it will ever get better either. 

if the sun suddenly let out a titanic solar flare that damaged our ability to broadcast television i would think of it as the coolest thing that ever happened.


syler = spock

in a previous post i told you that syler was going to be spock in the new star-trek movie. here is some proof.


the world has gone crazy

i just learned something that blew my mind. apple and google are openly opposing the proposition 8 thing going on in california. apple has donated $100,000 to a campaign that is opposing it. i dont know if goolge is giving money to these people but holy crap! i dont believe it.

if proposition 8 gets shut down we are all in trouble. i cant believe this is even happening.

im not really an apple fan so i dont really feel any betrayal there but i use google services every freaking day of my life. makes me want to go start using yahoo for all my online needs.

this is weird but cool

i guess he is the same guy that mark posted about the other day. anyway the audio is all live in one take but hes standing in front of a blue screen to give you all the colored after effects. very cool i thought.


there is something that has been bothering me lately. the word "jones" or "jonesing" in a sentence. its been a long time since i heard people using these words. but over the last few days i have heard it 3 times by different people. dan you are one of them. the other two were adults in their upper 30's.
thats all i have to say about that.

moving on, i admit that i have been using a certain word a lot lately. the word is "radsauce" best word ever in my opinion.

i like that we can make up words and say what ever we want. as long as people still understand you then everything is ok. however some words i wish would die. "jonesing" is at the top of my list. #2 would be a word i hear a lady i work with say all the time unfortunately. the word is "poopytray" and it makes me want to find a trident and impale myself on it immediately. weird though huh.


the earth

just wanted to remind everyone how awesome the earth is.

this is a picture from national geographic from a while ago but its still cool. these 600,000 year old 100,000 lbs selenite crystals are from a sort of extreme cave found in mexico. the suits these guys are using are not because its cold in there. 112 degrees F and about 100% humidity due to a magma intrusion only a mile beneath the cave. the crystals were formed due to cooling groundwater that used to fill the cave, unfortunately miners unknowingly drained the water from the cave a few years before they found the cave which means the crystals that took more than half a million years to form will now stop growing and will probably soon weaken and collapse from their own weight and from new gasses introduced into the cave.

anyway.. the earth is cool.


chained to a bed

i saw this on jim and les's blog and quickly stole it. pretty funny i think

I could survive for 1 minute, 6 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

here ya go adam

adam said he missed my blogs so here goes. this will be a 2 part blog. with both parts having nothing to do with the other.

FIRST: warcraft

warcraft is a funny thing. you always get to a point where you think you are done with it forever. but then you come crawling back. sometimes you come back and it was just as lame as when you left. other times you come back and its so amazingly fun that its something you look forward to doing. i have been in this cycle for years. i have stopping playing many times. i sold my first account long ago even. but then i came back. then i almost sold that account for 200 bucks like 4 times. but in the end i still have it and im glad i do.

the last week or two i started up again. this time its been one of those amazingly fun experiences. found a guild almost right off and started raiding which is what i love. the first raid i did i got like 6 epics. it was awesome lol. the next day i got another 4. its been the fastest gear up process in history lol.

so thats fun. but now my wife is getting into it. she started playing 2 nights ago and she loves it. so this winter will be full of lots of nerding from the heaton family.

SECOND: science

i know i have not posted the epic blog explaining my new found favorite science. i want to do that and im sure i will in the near future but here are some video's to start it off. the THUNDERBOLTS project has put together a few different resources. these are segments explaining things from a DVD they made a while back. recently they released a simple E-Book intended to be used in a classroom. you can download the first chapter here. this is all very exciting and interesting stuff to me. hope you all enjoy it as much as i do.




i recently found out that i like this song...

should i be concerned?


myspace treasures!

dan posted a new song on myspace and that got me poking around until i found this old treasure... please enjoy this relic from the past.

Dan & Branden with my camera

holy crap this makes me laugh everything. as i recall they did this while as was at work after they found and abused my camera lol

i got a laugh out of this.



if i go back to wow.. it will be for this reason!



I hate worthless long meetings.


greek audiophile

found this the other day. pretty funny. i guess they are more into records over there. i have not really seen or heard of such crazy custom made setups like that.. lol funny.


interesting new technology

just saw this article. sounds interesting.


I play warhammer now and I shaved my head again.