Goofy gets surround sound

saw this today and it made me laugh.



Nothing sucks worse than vehicle registration. Time to buy some more de-natured super juice.



Movie night. Max payne looks cool.


i spent some time today downloading some magneto off the internets.  then i decided to upload them and bring a small magneto slideshow to the blog.  and this post has a large version.  i think we can all agree that mangeto has a coolness factor of 10.  please enjoy...

Fears of the dark

i thought this looked interesting. and maybe davy would think it was cool. "six of the world’s most renowned comic and graphic artists - Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre Di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, and Richard McGuire" put together a 5 creepy stories..

Cloud watching...

Watching the clouds and listening to hugh nibley's - time vindicates the prophets, while waiting for the bus..


Riding the bus

So I'm riding the bus to work today. First time in years. Kinda weird..


Blackbeard the Pirate!

one of my favorite movies of all time is coming back to the big screen. Blackbeard the Pirate is still being written but its on its way. Also the guy that is writting it is the same guy that wrote Gladiator.. which to me is good news.

one of my all time favorite movies is Blackbeard's ghost, an old(1968) disney movie. If you havn't seen it, you should.. its a classic.

The old disney movie makes him out to be sort of a nice guy in the end but in real life im sure he was pretty much murdering scum. take a look at some of these pics.. interesting how hes always drawn with smoke coming out of his beard...

Just saw this on thinkgeek

Branden.. im sorry you got robbed. this could have been you.


another day in uvu-paradise



Woo hoo! Dinner @ the ihop


I'm reading ';Brisingr'; the 3rd installment of the eragon books. I'm sort of embarrised that I like these books but oh well what can ya do eh? At least I'm not reading those wussy vampire romance books...


I've been using this iomega 1TB (MDHD1TB-UE) external HDD non-stop for the last couple months and I have to say that I'm very happy with it. Its been on the go with me all over the place and been used on like 50 computers with no issues.

however... The the last 3 usb flash drives ive used have all failed on the first use. (after a full reformat and everything) so i have completely lost all faith in usb flash drives.. i pretty much refuse to use them for anything now...


One of the many I get to play with ...


my old truck has seen better days. This thing is falling apart bad. It would be a miricle if it lasts another winter...

Mobile blogging...

I've noticed lately that adam has been pretty good at mobile blogging.. So .. Yeah.. Maybe ill give you a few shots of me on the run. This is in front of my office.


i have myodesopsia

i have always been able to see things floating across my eyes but i always thought they were very small particles on the outside of my eye that you pick up from day to day life. but i guess this isnt the case what we are seeing is not on the out side but on the inside(entoptical). they are actually little bits of stuff in your eye jelly. haha weird to think about ...

anyway.. are you myodesopsic?

life dream update

so back in december i talked about how i wanted to make a music video for this song:

yeah so i still really want to. ive listened to this song at least 100 times. i have a ton of ideas and i even started making story boards a while back. am i crazy?

maybe ill go find them and post a few of my ideas..



i added a few new and exciting features to my blog!

enter the periodic table!


a frickin air hockey table! beat my high score of 1977 !!!


Batman update

Phillip Seymour Hoffman has denied all the rumors of him as the penguin in the next bat man..

I don’t know. I think I’m more interested in seeing someone else do it. I don’t know if I’d be a good Penguin to be quite honest. [laughs]

so i guess we will see.. maybe michael caine was full of crap!?


New header

as you will now notice, i have a new header. thanks to dan for the inspiring new blog title. haha it kills me. i or dan will have to tell the story of trumpet thunder sometime. anyway the header is really ugly at the moment.. i just threw it together real fast.. i will make a new one later.

i may change the graphic from time to time.. but for sure Ball Lightning vs. Trumpet Thunder is the new name of my blog! lol

warhammer online

its been a long time since i last played wow. there is a new mmo coming out this month called warhammer online, here is a cinematic trailer for ya.

honestly.. it doesnt look that cool to me.. and none of the videos ive seen make me want to play it.

sadly though this video does make me want to play wow again.

but i really dont think im gonna play wow again.. diablo 3 is a differnt story though =)

Lotus Elise

I keep seeing lotus sports cars in orem! I've seen a bunch of different colors too. There is an orange one for sure by my house somewhere cuz I see it all the time.
its about a $50,000 sports car but they used to be really rare around here.. now i seem em all over.

for you ipod lovers..

i thought since in this very moment steve job is announcing their new ipods that i would take a minute and remind you that ipods and itunes still suck as much as they ever did.  the new nano is exatly like we thought it would be.  they are not changing anything that i hate about the ipod so thats means ill still never buy one.

Ubuntu - Jaunty Jackalope [linux]

Ubuntu's got a new flavor coming out next april called "Jaunty Jackalope".

there are a few exciting things coming with the new flavor but mostly its cool that they are focusing on making the bootup time and resuming blindingly fast. which is crazy becuase its already faster than windows and mac by a long shot. also the other thing they are focusing on is web intergration. they want a desktop that seemlessly handle all the web-based software that just keeps swarming in.
which makes me think... we are getting to the point where most of what we all use computers for are all internet based. think about it. almost everything you do you can now easily do on the web.. for free. edit movies, pictures, documents, sounds files and what ever.
linux has only to perfect some of the virtualization/emulation and it would be something i would for everything i do and reccomend for everyone else.
anyway.. there some linux nerd news for ya.

the next dark knight

so poking around on the internet today i found something interesting.

WARNING: im about to give villan spoilers for the next batman movie.  run and hide if you dont want to know anything.

ok so i came upon this quote from Michael Caine (Bruce Wayne's butler) that said this:

I was with [a Warner Bros.] executive and I said, ‘Are we going to make another one?’ They said yeah. I said, ‘How the hell are we going to top Heath? And he says ‘I’ll tell you how you top Heath — Johnny Depp as The Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin.’ I said, ‘S–t, they’ve done it again!’” [Laughs]

my youtube session (not as cool as branden's)

i started this post back in june in answer to a cool youtube session branden posted on his blog. however i only had one video.. so i didnt ever post it.. till now lol

hope you enjoy this nerdy science video!

Kela is getting married in 9 days

my sister kela is getting married in 9 days! it freaks me out to think that one of my sisters is getting married. im really excited for her.

here is a blog im working on for the two of them.



Thor - Speaker

speaking of Thor. these are the speakers ive decided to build if ever have the money.

the seas thor diy speaker!


Thor has become my new life mascot of sorts, or nerd identity if you will. i have recently given my linux laptop a thor theme and have become slightly obsessed with the thunder god wielding the mighty hammer mjolnir. thats all normal and healthy right? at least im not stalking girls i had crushes on when i was younger from television shows right?

on a simularly nerdy point.. there is a new animated movie coming out on DVD.
warning: worlverine says hell.

sure you could mark...

see how easy it is? youre a natural!

New Header?

i was just looking at my header.. "TheAdventures.net" and i think it might be time to change it. my blog has changed a lot over the years. this isnt really a blog to capture all the cool things me and my bros are doing anymore. cuz frankly most of them are married now including myself and the last adventure i went on was probably a few years ago with dan to the grand canyon. i dont do crap anymore!

so.. propose a vote.. or a poll rather. look for it on the blog somewhere!

note: if you are using google's new chrome browser, the poll will not work right. just use firefox. edit: never mind now it seems to be working.

something for the girls.. [robyn]

engagement photos. for you girls who dont care about science...

The LHC [science]

here you go dan and extra dose of science for you! so the LHC is coming on-line tomorrow. pretty exciting.. im not sure how many years have gone into this thing but its pretty massive. 17 mile tunnel 80 ft underground, eight thousand physicists, -456.25 F operating temperature, 8 billion dollars and so on.

the reason for all this? to find the elusive Higgs Boson (or "God Particle").

pretty much to prove the particle physics standard model. and it would also be a big step towards having a complete theory of everything, by way of completing their theory of gravity.

the problem? poop science.

i have come to believe there is a huge flaw in the mainstream accepted model of the universe. especially gravity. black holes, dark matter, dark energy, the big bang, gravitons and oh yes.. the higgs boson... BUUUUUUUUUUGHZNT! wrong. poop science.

more on this later... for now enjoy some pics of the LHC.

oh yeah.. and the reason for this post.. (i totally forgot the point i wanted to make)

so there is a bunch of wackos out there that think this thing is going to destroy us all by creating an earth eating black hole or some kind of anti-matter reaction and destroy everything that way. so the people working over there have been getting a TON of death threats from these people. it blows my mind. i think its an absolute waste of time money, also of course that its all poop science but death threats?! come on!

anyway.. thats all for now..

Cool vid

this is an interesting video i found today. not sure i believe much of it but its still pretty cool i think.

Robocop VS Terminator

Got to be kidding me...

Another Fast and Furious movie.. with paul walker.. retarded.

Maybe its time to start up my fake paul walker myspace page again.. lol


cat5 update

i got all the ends striped but i decided to plug it all in for a test run lastnight before i solder/terminate the ends.. (and i decided it would be tons easier to just buy banana clips for the ends so im gonna take back the spades i bought at radio shack.

also i am still waiting for an HDMI cable to be in stock at a place down in lehi. does anyone have or know a place to get a 25ft - 35ft HDMI cable for $35 or less?

anyway so far i am very satisfied with the results. its been really fun and it sounds great.. however until i get my HDMI cable ill just be watching it on my 20" widescreen computer monitor.. more pics later..


Davy's new Scooter

i swear i saw davy riding around on this scooter yesterday...

Large Hadron Collider ... rap... yikes

In case anyone was wondering what they are trying to do and prove in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and also in the case that you would like to see that information conveyed to you over a nerdy rap song... well then here is your lucky day!

Im sure at least Davy will agree with me when I say.. "Poop Science" When they don't find the higgs boson maybe they will finally start looking at other possibilities about the nature of the universe. But I doubt it...


more cable progress

here is a pic of a few braids.

put those together and you get the final monster braid! sitting next to is my 12 gauge cable.

here is what the ends look like during the separation of the solids and strips.. which will be positive and negative.
almost done now.. just need to strip the ends and terminate them... and my amp is coming today woo hoo! more later...