Just want to let everyone know that I found my camera. I should never have doubted my almost equal power of finding things after I've lost them.

So.. now that my trusty point and shoot is back at my hip,.. I also announce my new PhotoBlog. You will notice a new link on the top of my BlogRoll to the right.

So there it is! Go check it out!

Get it while its HOT!

I have been dreaming about something like this! This sweet app may not last that long so get it and enjoy it while you can!


"Scientists create darkest material"

Came across this today. It only reflects 0.045 percent of light! Sure it will be good for telescopes and solar panels but what about home theater rooms!!! Id love to get some of that and slather it all over the walls in my theater room. I'm sure it would be amazing. And I'm sure I am the only one thinking of using carbon nanotubes as home theater paint.



Self Discovery

note: I wrote this in July of last year and somehow it never got published. I was just looking at my posts and noticed that I have a few "drafts" that somehow never made it. This is one of those. Enjoy..
So I have a confession: I have recently discovered that I love 80's music a lot more than I thought I did. So heres a story; Branden often has his apple notebook connected to the TV and streams music from rhapsody on the surround sound. The other day he left said equipment unattended long enough for me to change his playlist from something heavy in Ben Folds to the "80's Hits" channel! Well I soon found myself dancing uncontrollable in the living room to songs I haven't heard in years yet were so familiar to me somehow.

Hypothesis: There is a time in everyones young life when they are very susceptable to music. I don't know when exactly or how long this vulnerability lasts but I'm guessing it occurs sometime in grade school and doesn't last more than a year.

So what ever music you happen to be mostly hearing during this time will get burned into your brain. You will always like it. It will always feel familiar and comfortable to you. And some day down the road it will even make you get up off the couch and make you dance till you become disoriented.
Update: After thinking about it more and talking to others I have decided that it might be earlier on than I previously thought. It might be a lot younger, perhaps when there is still a lot of brain developing going on. Anyway... just my speculation...

‘paramagnetic’ paint

So here is something interesting I saw a while back. It looks like scientists have come up with a new idea for a paint or coating called ‘paramagnetic’ paint that has the ability to change colors at a whim.

Before the vehicle is painted, a special polymer containing the special ‘paramagnetic’ iron oxide particles is applied to the car’s body. An applied electric current then adjusts the spacing of small crystals within the iron oxide particles and therefore affects their ability to reflect light and change color.

The process is perfect for metal objects like cars because a continuous small current is needed to maintain the desired color. When the vehicle is switched off, the car returns to a default color of white.

The coating has the ability to reproduce any color visible to the human eye and it takes less than a second to change the entire car. The first commercial applications could be on the market as early as 2010.


life update

I still don't have a camera and even though I have not used it a whole lot in the recent past,.. i have since thought of a million things i want to do with my camera and therefore its driving me crazy.

I hate being sick. This is not an update. I have always hated being sick.

You may have read Davy's blog announcing my intent to write a paper on Nikola Tesla for no apparent reason. Friday I found myself reading about him and found what I was reading to be so interesting that I decided to write up a report of some of the cool things about Tesla's inventions and theories. It seems that everyone I talk to knows little to nothing about him.

I intend to build projector number 2 and have it be up and working in the next couple weeks. This one is going to be a vertical build and will be for my office at work. Which means I will have the greatest office ever imagined by man. Or at least close to it. By the way projector number one is a huge success and has brought a wonderful 13 foot screen to our home. Couldn't be happier with it. Jectors rule thats all I gotta say about that. (if i had a fricken camera this blog would be loaded with pics... *sigh*)

I am currently entertaining perm number 3.

I guess thats it for now.


Camera Update

Still lost.. [cuss word][/cuss word]


Good news and Bad

First the bad. I lost my camera again. I hate my fragile brain. It seems I have one continual brain lapse after another. I lose all my important things on a regular basis. Fortunately they almost always turn up eventually. My camera however has been lost for a few weeks and I have begun to worry. I'm hoping it may be near the bottom layer of clutter in my disastrous room.

So.. tonight after a long overdue cleaning we will see if its there.

Anyway thats the real reason I have not been blogging. I have been in the depths of "I cant find my camera blues" So once I recover it I think I will begin doing some exciting blog stuff. (the exciting part.. is probably only relative to myself.. sorry ha, but this is my world so what are ya gonna do)

Now for the good news. Today I came across something I have been waiting a long time to see. I found an article on Engadget about a new company called XstreamHD And I think it may finally be what I have been hoping for. A delivery system for true HD content in a way that doesn't suck.

Anyway it hasn't come out yet but ill keep you posted.

And I'm still working on the Music post I have been promising everyone. Its going to be pretty epic... Sorry to keep you all waiting so long.