garit's blog music revolution

ok. so there is going to be a new addition to this blog. im going to start showcasing music on here. in the top right corner there will always be a song you can play directly, just hit the button.

so.. this is big for me and ill tell you why. im going to be putting music on here that is meaningful to me. music that i love currently or that has been a huge part of my past. this is going to expose a part of me that no one knows about and therefore i will probably be exposing myself to unending ridicule as well. but who cares.. blogs are about expressing yourself right? here goes nothing.

some songs ill will give explanations for.. some i probably wont. just keep checking the current song playing. im guessing it will change a lot. im going to put a link under the current song that lets you play all the past featured music.

there will probably not be any organization of the music i post on here.. totally random but all meaningful and important to who i am. so be prepared to hear NIN one day and a classical piano arrangement the next.

I confess that i am very passionate about music. i love music. i always have. its a huge part of who i am. however many of you probably dont see me as a "music savvy" person. in fact most of you probably think im retarded when it comes to music. not that i blame you.. the fact that i continue to hate the wallflowers still baffles most of you and i doubt anyone will ever understand me. lol

anyway.. I guess ill get on with it and introduce my first featured song. dan's new version of "red and yellow" he put together the other day. dan's music has always impressed me. his music has a lot of what draws me into music in general. music that has passion, music that makes you feel something. dan does that well with his meaningful/cool lyrics and the way he sings, i call it "rippin vocals" lol. so there ya go. enjoy the song and the new blog music revolution.


  1. I agree with the comment about Dan's music. I have always loved his style, vocals, and potent lyrics.

    As soon as he develops new songs I teach myself so I can play along.


Thanks for the comments.