here ya go adam

adam said he missed my blogs so here goes. this will be a 2 part blog. with both parts having nothing to do with the other.

FIRST: warcraft

warcraft is a funny thing. you always get to a point where you think you are done with it forever. but then you come crawling back. sometimes you come back and it was just as lame as when you left. other times you come back and its so amazingly fun that its something you look forward to doing. i have been in this cycle for years. i have stopping playing many times. i sold my first account long ago even. but then i came back. then i almost sold that account for 200 bucks like 4 times. but in the end i still have it and im glad i do.

the last week or two i started up again. this time its been one of those amazingly fun experiences. found a guild almost right off and started raiding which is what i love. the first raid i did i got like 6 epics. it was awesome lol. the next day i got another 4. its been the fastest gear up process in history lol.

so thats fun. but now my wife is getting into it. she started playing 2 nights ago and she loves it. so this winter will be full of lots of nerding from the heaton family.

SECOND: science

i know i have not posted the epic blog explaining my new found favorite science. i want to do that and im sure i will in the near future but here are some video's to start it off. the THUNDERBOLTS project has put together a few different resources. these are segments explaining things from a DVD they made a while back. recently they released a simple E-Book intended to be used in a classroom. you can download the first chapter here. this is all very exciting and interesting stuff to me. hope you all enjoy it as much as i do.

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