for you ipod lovers..

i thought since in this very moment steve job is announcing their new ipods that i would take a minute and remind you that ipods and itunes still suck as much as they ever did.  the new nano is exatly like we thought it would be.  they are not changing anything that i hate about the ipod so thats means ill still never buy one.


  1. Man, and I thought I was the only one in the world that didn't own an ipod.

  2. nope. youre not the only crazy one.

  3. way to fight the power! I would hate for The Garit to be stuck using something ordinary people use like iPods, cars, or Windows.... oh wait.

  4. hehe ..

    ok you have to admit that there are some major annoyances with itunes.

    proprietary format
    you have to burn songs to a cd then rip it to get mp3's
    you cant sort by folders
    its just one big mess

    and i hate the click wheel on the ipod.. its impossible to be exact.

  5. at least it doesn't come in a color that resembles poo.

  6. ah you seem to think that i like the zune.. well you are wrong.

  7. Yes DRM is a problem, but like I said on Caleb's blog, it's not their fault. I also agree that the click wheel can be buggy (steve was having problems getting right on the exact song during the presentation today - but that's what you get for making the thinnest nano to date)
    The iPod touch doesn't have a click wheel.
    And didn't you buy Branden's iPod at one point?

  8. ipod touch is to expensive and to bulky for me.

    i bought branden's shuffle once but it was to give to barbara for cleaning our apartment.

    well.. ill be honest i didnt read that whole spiel about DRM but why does itunes have to when other dont?

  9. short answer, music labels
    for some reason they don't put the same restrictions on other vendors like amazon

    iTunes actually has A LOT of DRM free stuff now though. plus it's actually higher quality than the DRM stuff. When you're looking through the music store on iTunes, any that have a "+" symbol next to price are DRM free.


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