right lane exit only

ok i guess its time for another roundabout rant. is it weird that after all this time im still completely baffled at how people still dont get how to maneuver a roundabout? it honestly only takes a few seconds out of your day to think about it. its honestly not hard to figure out the most effect way to use a 2 lane roundabout.

its a really easy formula. the right lane in a round about is an exit only lane. period. if you dont want to take the first exit then you need to enter in the left lane. once you pass the exit thats right before the one you want to take... put on your blinker and move over. your lane should now be wide open because everyone in the right lane SHOULD have just exited. once you are in the right lane.. take your exit!

wow its a miracle of SCIENCE!

here are a few diagrams i made...

*EDIT* these rules apply to everyone that is not a big UTA bus. buses dont have enough room so they use the right lane always. unfortunately setting a bad example for all the retards...


  1. the diagrams help. now I understand I should not go left.
    Thank you for your PSA

  2. ive seen people go left mark.. not even kidding. ive also seen people go right through like it was a green light and almost t-bone me!

  3. I totally agree. People do not know how to use that roundabout. It drives me crazy. Luckily I don't use it that much anymore. My mom almost turned left at that roundabout once, but she's kind of getting old so it's okay.

  4. I hate that round about, I had so many people almost kill me by exiting from the inside lane as I was trying to exit from the right lane...stupid. I just had a "Utah Drivers need help with round-abouts" conversation with myself on the way home. There is a roundabout by our house, and NO ONE knows how to signal in there. First of all some lady STOPPED at the yield sign with no one coming, and then some idiot while looping around didn't signal, that he was going around and I almost hit him. I guess I still think I'm in NZ or something where people actually understand what a round about is!! How was the honeymoon?


Thanks for the comments.