New Browser Concept

I know I should be posting something about how awesome married life is or how great our honeymoon in mexico was and maybe a ton of pictures to go with it.. but... Im at work and right now i dont have access to the pics.. so.. heres some nerd news.

Looks like Mozilla is cooking up ideas for a new browser they are calling "Aurora" So far looks awesome. The thing I like the most about it so far is the way they are using every pixel for content. No more blasted tool bars of any kind.

Anyway take a look here for some vids and stuff. They have a concept for the mobile phone too that looks pretty cool.


  1. Looks elegant, but what's up with the cluttered files? I'll try it when it comes out. Does Mozilla have an OS yet?

  2. i think the "cluttered files" are actually bookmarks or browsing sessions. no OS yet.

  3. I think my brain exploded in joy.


Thanks for the comments.