heres some pics of my center speaker

cat5 cable in progress

ok so here are some pics of what i did and the progress so far. starting with the 500' of cat5 i got at home depot..

It comes in a big box with a hole in it so you can just drag it out for a half mile if you want to.
Inside the cable there are 4 twisted pairs, 4 solid colors twisted with a matching striped.

so the deal is you need 27 twisted pairs per cable. or if you want to bi-wire your speakers (im still debating..) you need 27 twisted pairs for the low frequency cable and 9 twisted pair for the high's. i decided on cables of a little less than 6' long each. so i cut a ton of wire and started striping them down so i could extract that twisted pairs. once thats done you will end up with piles of these...

now the fun begins. braiding...

you need to somehow tie down 3 of the twisted pairs and start braiding them like so... i just tied them to a carabiner and cliped it onto a drawer.

when you have a pile of 9 of those it looks something like that ^^ ^^

here for comparison is the cable i was using before (a simple 12 gauge wire from home depot) the point id like to make here is that this cable is frickin big! anyway i have not finished the braiding yet on this cable its just 9 braids of 3 twisted pairs sitting in a pile. once you get the 9 you can start braiding them up again until you end up with one giant super braid. the next fun part is striping the ends and separating them into solids and strips. cant wait... thats all for now though.


HT projects

so.. its about time i start blogging more about home theater again. many of you know about the "science jector" aka "tower of power" so i have been enjoying a nice 8'x5' 1080p setup in the house for a while now. but its time to start upgrading the sound.

sound has always been the most important part for me as far as home theater and anything related goes but my living situations were never right for mega melt face surround/stereo sound. and to be honest its still not, i live in a condo on the bottom floor so there is still the chance im going to make people mad but oh well.

i made my first buy at Reference Audio the other day. got a great deal on a center channel B&W speaker it was the model from a year or two ago.

which has prompted a few actions and projects. first i needed a new amp so i ordered a pioneer model: VSX-518-K yeah its not the most impressive thing out there but im on a married budget now and its got all i care about which is 120 watts per channel.

now since this thing is shipping from the east coast i have some time to prepare for its arrival. i decided i want my amp and PS3 at the front of the room now with the speakers, so that means i need some new cables. i ordered a cheap 30' HDMI cable to reach from the jector to the front of the room so that should be good. (by the way: dont ever buy cables locally. it is the biggest waste of money. cables cost a few dollars to make yet they charge you sometimes hundreds for them. i usually find em on amazon for cheaper than cheap)

now for the reason of this blog... i decided to take on a project i have wanted to try for a long time. the cat5 speaker cable project...

the idea is that you can get high quality speaker cable for cheap by making it yourself out of computer ethernet cable.

so i went to home depot and picked up 500' of cat5 cable. went to radio shack and picked up a few spades. picked up my trusty wire cutters and started chopping up cat5.

its going to take some time but i think the results will be worth the effort. im planning on documenting my progress and showing you all how i did it.



I would kill to be able to take pictures of lightning as a job. Wonder how they did this.


i think im obsessed

ok everyone.. its time to once again tell you of an obsession of mine. its sort of hard to explain. i dont quite understand it myself. let me just show you these first..

also there might be an "f" word or 2 in this first song.. so beware..

i cant get enough of this song. here is the mp3 if you guys want it. holy freaking crap! when she sings the chorus of the first song it freaking kills me.. i cant help but laugh till i hurt! does anyone else find it undeniably hilarious?

right lane exit only

ok i guess its time for another roundabout rant. is it weird that after all this time im still completely baffled at how people still dont get how to maneuver a roundabout? it honestly only takes a few seconds out of your day to think about it. its honestly not hard to figure out the most effect way to use a 2 lane roundabout.

its a really easy formula. the right lane in a round about is an exit only lane. period. if you dont want to take the first exit then you need to enter in the left lane. once you pass the exit thats right before the one you want to take... put on your blinker and move over. your lane should now be wide open because everyone in the right lane SHOULD have just exited. once you are in the right lane.. take your exit!

wow its a miracle of SCIENCE!

here are a few diagrams i made...

*EDIT* these rules apply to everyone that is not a big UTA bus. buses dont have enough room so they use the right lane always. unfortunately setting a bad example for all the retards...


New Browser Concept

I know I should be posting something about how awesome married life is or how great our honeymoon in mexico was and maybe a ton of pictures to go with it.. but... Im at work and right now i dont have access to the pics.. so.. heres some nerd news.

Looks like Mozilla is cooking up ideas for a new browser they are calling "Aurora" So far looks awesome. The thing I like the most about it so far is the way they are using every pixel for content. No more blasted tool bars of any kind.

Anyway take a look here for some vids and stuff. They have a concept for the mobile phone too that looks pretty cool.