Here ya go Caleb

Microsoft's FolderShare/SkyDrive:

I recently started using FolderShare as an easy as crap way to share files from one computer to another. Like my work computer to my home computer for example. I also wanted an easy way to share files to my mom without it being a hassle for her to figure out. So far its been working splendidly.

Heres how it works:
Go to foldershare.com and make an account then login and install it.
Then you setup your shares. Select any folder you want. Then when its all done,.. fill it full of mp3's cuz lets be honest.. thats what most of us want to do right? When you get to the 2nd computer you want to sync with once again go to Foldershare.com to do the install. This time after its all installed it will tell you that you have a share but before you can access it you will need to select another folder on your computer for it to sync to. All done.. now you can get all those mp3's you downloaded at work!

Now heres the 2nd cool thing.. you can invite anyone else to use your share. Like my mom for example. So now we have a folder that we can both throw files into and instantly have access to them on the other side. Neat eh? You can also setup rights to your folders so if you want someone to be able to get to your files but not change or delete anything.. its totally doable.

Now Caleb wanted me to talk about SkyDrive:

Here is another free Microsoft service that is easy to use. This time though instead of easy folder syncing for easy real time access the idea is off site storage.

So pretty much think of it as a free 5GB flash drive but instead of carrying it around with you.. it stays on the internet.

To use it just go to skydrive.live.com and click get started. Once you're logged in you can just start uploading files. Easy smeezy.


  1. Nice find! that's one of those unsolvable mysteries that you just solved. Sharing large files is hard to do.

  2. Yay you approve of using skydrive.

  3. As many free 5gb flash drives as you have hotmail addresses.

  4. Hey G
    How is that mom of yours? and you?


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