Computer advice #1

Flash drives:

1. They fail just as often as the old floppy disk's.
2. They are not intended as a storage device. More of transportation device.
3. If you use it as your main storage you will be sorry when it fails.
4. Have a backup of all your date in 2 or 3 different places.
5. 9 times out of 10 a data recovery can not be run on a failed flash drive.
6. Buying a good or "expensive" brand will not save you from being careless.

I get about 2-4 people coming into my office every week with dead flash drives.. some that are almost brand new. The truth is they are not water proof, shock proof, static proof, or fire proof. They can break if you drop it. They can break being thrown around together with your keys on a key chain. They can break in a million other ways.

But MOST OF ALL I think they break from not being removed from computers properly. You must not EVER just pull it out!! You must click the small green arrow in the task tray and wait till it tells you it is safe to remove your flash drive! Mac users: you must eject the flash drive by dragging the icon to the trash!

Also it is my opinion that the retractable flash drives (like the picture below) have a higher chance of being broken and I think this is due to the fragile sliding mechanism. Twice as many contacts to get corroded or broken.


  1. So, we are turning our old hard drive into an external hard drive...But the rest of the computer is up for grabs...need any parts, everything but the fans worked. Brand new DVD/CD Drive. Let me know.

  2. Yeah like the time I totally almost snapped my flash drive in half and lost like 1GB of data.. I almost died. It was a circuit board dangling from the USB drive. Right now it's held together with gorilla glue and masking tape. Quite handy though.

  3. I'm looking into this skydrive http://skydrive.live.com/welcome.aspx?provision=1 for irreplaceable data. What do you think about it Garit? Stuff like documents and pictures?

  4. I'm liking the skydrive. Perhaps a post on that next.


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