Self Discovery

note: I wrote this in July of last year and somehow it never got published. I was just looking at my posts and noticed that I have a few "drafts" that somehow never made it. This is one of those. Enjoy..
So I have a confession: I have recently discovered that I love 80's music a lot more than I thought I did. So heres a story; Branden often has his apple notebook connected to the TV and streams music from rhapsody on the surround sound. The other day he left said equipment unattended long enough for me to change his playlist from something heavy in Ben Folds to the "80's Hits" channel! Well I soon found myself dancing uncontrollable in the living room to songs I haven't heard in years yet were so familiar to me somehow.

Hypothesis: There is a time in everyones young life when they are very susceptable to music. I don't know when exactly or how long this vulnerability lasts but I'm guessing it occurs sometime in grade school and doesn't last more than a year.

So what ever music you happen to be mostly hearing during this time will get burned into your brain. You will always like it. It will always feel familiar and comfortable to you. And some day down the road it will even make you get up off the couch and make you dance till you become disoriented.
Update: After thinking about it more and talking to others I have decided that it might be earlier on than I previously thought. It might be a lot younger, perhaps when there is still a lot of brain developing going on. Anyway... just my speculation...

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