My new life dream: to make a music video

I have a new life dream. I want to make a music video of this song.

Some day when Mark and Branden own expensive HD Cameras with super fast frame rates and advanced video editing software, I'm going to create a music video to this song.

In a way it will be really simple: I will probably film the entire thing in a forest with lots of trees. It will be about some guy cutting down a tree with an ax. A lot of the main beats to the song will have their own cuts of video of the ax slamming into the tree at different angles. There will be a silent super fast frame rate shot of the dude screaming his lungs out and sweat coming off his face.

But it will be really difficult to edit. I want everything to be in that super awesome slow motion fast frame rate glory and the rest will almost be still frame stop motion looking. So everything will look either be really jerky and focused on movement or slow motion fast frame with all the detail.

I think Trent Reznor would be proud when I'm done.