The network is down

So all the network is down at the school. So Im resorting to the awesome world of phone internet! I think im gonna take a long lunch.


New York Burrito in Lehi

Something awful just happened to me so I felt I needed to write a special blog about it.

New York Burrito in Lehi. One of my favorite places to eat since they opened way back when i was in high school (8 or 9 years ago). I even did marketing for them in one of my classes at the school. I knew the owners fairly well. Pleasant people. In comes the new owner, I'll call him Mr.O'brian for obvious reasons. I have interacted with him a couple times and I didn't think there was anything wrong with him. And they still had good food. So what did I care.

Then today happened. My parents live in lehi and we were working on putting up a new wall when we decided to call in an order. My mom talked to an obviously new employee who seemed flustered and made many mistakes. Even hung up on her right in the middle of the order.

She eventually picked up the food and brought it home. Turns out all of the orders were screwed up. Especially mine.. I took one bite and about gagged. I only like it a certain way and it was anything but what I like. They charged us extra for stuff that wasn't even in it. Needless to say, I didn't eat it. The rest of my family ate it anyway.

So I take it back and Mr.O'brian seems ok at first but then he wants to check the notes. Somehow he flips and almost seems like I'm trying to screw him over some how. He got all defensive and kept saying like.. "I did that myself it wasn't wrong" Which you should never do! Judas! Why would I come back if it wasn't! So at first he seemed like he was at least going to make me a new one.. I gave him the old one and he opened it up to examine it. I told him everything that was wrong and then he said well I'm going to charge you for a new one. I can't just do it for free. I couldn't believe it!!! I told him that if he didn't try to fix it we would never come back. All he said was "thats fine sir." in his stupid irish accent.

I left more pissed than I have ever been. What a jackass. How can he expect to run a business like that.

I officially wish him only the most dismal failure. Hope he learns his lesson. Please do me a favor and avoid that place like the plague and never go there again.

Thanks in advance.

****************** UPDATE **********************

Ok so after writing this blog I tried to get a Pizza from pizza hut delivered to my apartment. After 2 hours I called them only to find some idiot couldn't find it. The excuse was "there was no apartment # on the order" After explaining that my address was indeed complete and there was no apartment # they said they would try again. I told them to double my order for free. They said they would give me some bread sticks. After another 2 hours I left the house cursing...

The boycott continues!!! Stupid restaurants ruining my life! Today the world has done an excellent job of making me wish I were dead.

And on the subject of boycotting I might as well tell you what happened on to me on friday at Cinemark 16 in the provo mall.

This is a brief summary but it basically went like this:

1. There were at least 3 crying babies in the theater that no one cared to remove. I swear to you it was like screaming baby surround sound, it was everywhere! I hate people who think its ok to bring children that are incapable of holding still for the duration of a movie! DON'T FREAKING DO IT!

2. Then not only that, there were MANY groups of children and parents TALKING non-stop through the whole thing! I don't believe it! Why!?

3. This one isn't that big of deal since everyone forgets sometimes but I have to put it in here anyway... I heard a few cellphones go off during the movie! C'mon people there are now at least 2 reminders on the screen to turn off your freaking cell phones if you are paying attention!

4. This is the big one. Half way through the movie and I kid you not! The bright cleaning lights flipped on! It was instantly too bring to even see what was going on in the movie! And it was like that for what seemed like forever. Although I'm pretty sure it only lasted 5-10 minutes.. for crap sake how does this happen!? After talking to a manager and cleanup crews out side they said it was possibly the fault of a disgruntled ex-employee! Judas..

Conclusion: I've now vowed to not watch movies in movie theaters ever again and doubled my resolve to have a nicer setup at home!

So as a final review, stay away from New York Burrito (because they don't have a clue in the world). Stay away from Pizza Hut (because they are mind blowingly incapable of delivering you a pizza!) And finally stay away from movie theaters. Instead come over to my place. Prices on movie tickets continue to rise and for what? Extra frustration? Judas...


2 of my favorite things!!!

I never dreamed that 2 of my favorite things would ever be combined to form the coolest nerd toy in the world!

Lightning! and 8 bit Music!

So this turns out to be a good sized Solid State Tesla Coil somehow rigged as a speaker. I say screw having a pool in the back yard! I'd rather be able to go relax in the back yard while letting this thing turn Dream Theater into lightning bolts!

If you are daring you can build your own I guess. Here or Here.


The first fruits of photo editing

So I got a copy of Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo XI through work and just started playing with it today... I didn't really have a project or anything so I just grabed a random picture it found and started messing around.. I have to say that I love it. Its like and easy photoshop. Hardcore photoshop people probably wont like it as much but it can do most of what Photoshop can do. Its a little easier for us noobs. Anyway I think its perfect for all the editing ill ever do.



Dan's Hair

Lightning and new blogger features

Found this the other day.

Ok so blogger is getting some new things. Enter: video upload. This is easy and awesome. Not the best quality in compression by any means but I'm sure I'll still use it anyway. Just upload your video and it makes a nice little blogger flash player for it. It has done well with all the formats that I have thrown at it. I have a feeling a lot of videos are going to start showing up here.. Dan you might be the first showcase.

The other thing blogger is going to add is the ability to put a poll on your blog. As you can see on my side bar there is a nice little "would you rather" poll. Kinda fun eh..