Hair check!

Just checking the progress on the hair. It looks like i still have a long way to go. but its coming in nice.. there is some good progress.. lol

You have new Picture Mail!

My new phone and my first mobile post. Woo hoo!


I would be a lucky dude if..

I were out in the south pacific cruising around in my yacht having a good ole time when all of a sudden I notice something strange floating on top of the water.. that just happened to be volcanic rocks. 


And then after that.. witness a new island being born.. holy crap this would be both the scariest thing in the world and the coolest thing in the world.  Wish I was there!

Check this out!

US history cheat shirt

I saw this shirt today. Love it!


the stupid gay earth

sometime yesterday someone stole my motorcycle saddle bags right out of the front seat of my truck. i can't believe the sorry excuse for living scum out there. who would steal some old leather saddle bags? why? sooo gay! if i find out who did it i swear ill break their legs. maybe we need to go back to the law of moses, "an eye for an eye". it would be nice if we the world or we the USA could mature enough to live higher laws like consecration, instead we live the law of tithing. the people who lived back in the time of moses were morons. they needed laws for everything. sometimes i think we need to go back to "an eye for an eye"

there is nothing i hate more in the world than dishonesty. lying cheating stealing. i wish it was punishable by death. lets go back to stoning people for crimes. i think it would be great. it would fix a lot of problems. then when we are ready we can move on to higher laws. who knows..

anyway let me know if you see these bags around..