the earth is a cool place

tornadoes are so strange to me. how is it that they can form such huge high-energy columns like that, so focused and yet so unpredictable. anyway the earth will continue to amaze me im sure. enjoy this video collection i found...

these are my 2 favorite stills from the video.

just crazy...

late night confession

Ok I did it.. it was me.

2 hours ago I started getting annoyed by a loud clicking sound from right outside my window. It sounded like a nail gun or something but then i realized it had to be something more mechanistic.. it was 2 short loud clicks then a longish pause over and over every minute or two. I was bewildered. So I pressed my face to the screen in my window to see if i could identify the sound. it kinda sounded like it was coming from the now absurdly full dumpster or maybe just over the fence near the other apartment complex. So I decide its way to annoying to go to bed like this as i start putting my clothes back on to go outside and investigate. I got halfway to the fence when the loud clicks startled me! I was surprised to hear the noise directly behind me already. This time I saw that it was coming from a white car with an obvious problem. its 12:30am and this car's trunk is wide open! on closer look I could tell that the trunk had an electric lock and it seemed to be trying to lock and unlock itself. So I gave it few good slams and it finally closed it, thinking some idiot probably just left it open some how and now the car is having a conniption about it. so I feel like I had just done someone a favor as I headed back to my apartment. then about half way up the stairs I hear it.. a soft almost too faint to hear *click*. No way it cant be that jacked up, i think to myself. I go back down and sure enough its popped itself open again and begun clicking loudly as before. determined to fix the stupid thing I messed with the lock for a few minutes.. after failure and frustration set in I decided to just pull the power connector and walk away.

Now its beautifully quiet and Im going to sleep well tonight. however i feel like the only good thing it did is save the poor guy a dead battery in the morning. his trunk is still wide open. I didn't want to shut it because I cut the power to it which means it might not open again.. (unless he has the key.. lol) and with it being open someone might come steal all the crap out of it. (it was full to the brim with junk.. actually maybe that would be doing him a favor.. who knows)

anyway just thought I would fess up.


this is a marked day in history

soon you will know of what i speak...


20 Things You Didn't Know About... Lab Accidents

This is awesome.. I love the last one!


this makes me sick



microsoft you knew this day was coming...

So yesterday after church i brought my computer over to Nic's for some serious nerding. PCLinuxOS 2007 is a beautiful breath-taking breakthrough. Thats all i really need to say about it.. but I'll say more.

First of all.. pretty much what ever computer you got and how ever old.. this just works! No installing drivers.. no fumbling with CD's no pulling your hair out. Its a 10-15 minute install.. and it just works. And I mean everything:java, flash, firefox, mp3 playback, dvd playback.. all the browser plugins you could ever want(including quicktime stuff!). All out of the box.

And if that wasn't incredible enough... they added all the 3D stuff your brain can handle.. way better than mac.. vista is a joke.. im not even going to mention how this compares to windows.. this disto will kill windows.. not even kidding.. it really is incredible. And dan.. let me just say you would even like this.

Oh and did i mention this is all free... Easy... and only the beginning..


the sixth person

So my parents came down from virginia for a job interview at lehi IM flash. There are 5 in my family so normally we all fit just fine in a car. but today we have leschia's friend with us which makes six.

so I bring you greetings from the back of a mazda tribute!


this looks like fun

Apparently there is a new tallest and fastest in the world. Found in Ohio of all places.

0-128 mph in 3 and a half seconds. Thats all i need to say about that.