Meet Besy

Please meet Besy. My new motorcycle.

Click Here if you wanna see a video and hear what she sounds like!

Shes a 94 Suzuki Intruder 800. Only cost me 2300. Thats about 80 bucks a month for 24 months. and get this.. full coverage insurance comes out to about 7 bucks a month. thats not a typo.. its really only 7 bucks a month. That means.. If i crash it.. I get a new one.. I dont know why there arent more people riding these things.

anyway.. yeah.. cool..



Me and dan thought we could take down a couple orders of nachos today. Then a freak hailstorm happened while were chowing down. We saw the first lightning of the year. Pretty cool.



So the last time I came to the uvsc cafeteria it was a total bust. But this time it rocked my face off.


From verizon to cricket

So I really want to cancel my verizon and go with cricket. get this. for 35 a month you unlimited txt and unlimited minutes. everything in the area is upgraded so it cant be any worse than anything else around here. the only thing that sucks is that they are cdma network not gsm. but there are still some cool phones out there i gues.. /cough.. well i dont care.. i dont travel that much.. so it seems like a great idea. unlimeted .. for more than HALF what i pay verizon..

ill let you know how it goes..


Evo came today. life is pretty good.

Got all my toys today in the mail.. Its all sweet. Got the projector doing a 115'' screen. It aint that bad. More later.. im kinda tired.

Notes on Spring Break with Dan

Pictures taken = about 160
Places visited = Ceder City(slept on Adam's floor)
Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial
St. George(Temple, Brigham Young house)
Zion's(well.. almost)
Kanab(used as base camp for the following adventures)
Toroweap(Spectacular view of the grand canyon!)
Lake Powell(Visited the dam and walked across the bridge and all that)
Failures = Hike to the wahweap hoodoos(due to omg spolsions! happening in the truck, and an almost flat tire)

well there is a lot more details.. but .. my projector came today.. so yeah that all i can think about now.. lol.

pictures of the trip will be up soon on my site in the pictures area..


2 flat tires

We got 2 flat tires lastnight. Today we will make the repairs and then head over to lake powell and do a cool hike.


Southern utah rules

Well me and dan just survived the trip to toroweap and back. sundburned and frazled. the grand canyon rules the earth! That's All I have to say. More on the trip later.



It's 2:30am and I feel like a 9 year old before christmas. I stayed up late tonight so I could order the new evo and I ended up being the very first one to order the new evo 1.1

It should be here in less than a week.


Uvsc lunch

I'm at the uvsc cafeteria and the only thing that looks good is the cheese calzone with red sauce. And I'm thinking it will be just cheese and wonderful. But no! The first bite was suprisingly crunchy! GUH! it was full of uncooked onions and peppers. So I scraped it out and ate the rest. Now my mouth tastes like metal. Seriously like I just sucked on a handfull of dirty old pennies. In closing.. Its always a gamble over here.. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.

-metal mouth

Blogging from your phone is cool

Ok. So here is my first mobile post. If this works and really is this easy I can see how this can be fun and addicting. All you do is send a txt with a subject and photo(if you want) to go@blogger.com then it sets it all up.. this really is awesome!

An interesting request...

The other day I was offered an opportunity to teach a few computer classes for Continuing Education. At first I was thinking to myself "yeah right.. who could really imagine me teaching computer classes!" I couldn't see myself doing it because I'm way to opinionated on a lot of subjects and I couldn't see myself telling a bunch of people what I think is good practice. But as time went went by I have been able to think about it more and more and I think I'll go ahead give it a try. Why not.. easy extra money right? Plus i think it will be a good experience.


Finally a new useful invention