is the moon crazy? or am I?

ok so wednesday I was coming up the hill from walmart in orem at about 6:20pm, as I got to the top of the hill I saw the moon just above the mountain line and it really suprised me.. I was sitting there alone in my truck but I was still like "holy crap!"
The moon just looked so big and abnormally close and easy to see.
Then last night at about midnight.. I swear it was the brightest moon ive ever seen. Straight up in the sky it made it perfectly easy to see into my truck as I was climbing into drive back to lindon.
Then this morning.. I took this picture.. it still seems abnormal to me..

anyway.. Im glad we have a moon.. I think its cool. So much stuff on the planet has a direct effect coming from the moon. Like tides of the ocean and currents. here is a nice little animation..

Animals such as salmon and turtles are also greatly effected by the moon.
Surfers depend on the moon.
The moons also shields us from a lot of space debris hitting the earth.
The speed and direction of the winds are result of the moon.

The craziest one to think about though is how it effects time on our planet. If we didn't have the moon the earth would spin a lot faster and there would be a lot less hours in the day. Some say it would be something like 8 hours. Thats crazy!


  1. Hmm... I think some people belong on the moon.

  2. Thanks for the animation, it really brought the whole blog together.

  3. I just tagged you, check out my blog for the details...muah hah hahaha


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