the circle of life

there is a special moment that happens only once a year. its that moment where the stark realization that summer really is over and that a bitter winter is in close proximity. today could have been any other day.. I checked the weather the night before and it said it would be like 69 degrees today..

I run out the door hoping for a warmer day.. i get to my truck and see the condensation on the windows. I start the engine and then hit the wipers.. horror strikes me when i realize the morning dew is frozen solid on my windshield..

and so begins the drudgery of scraping ice off car windows every morning.. soon everywhere I go.. the futile walk between tire tracks trying not to get snow on my exposed feet will begin as well.


so that special moment happened today october 15th


  1. Yeah I felt the downfall of summer when we were in Park City last Sunday and it was SNOWING!! I wanted to cry. I need to go back to New Zealand where it's almost summer....

  2. I'm sure you have lots of "special moments"....

    you make me sick.

    Garit like Elton John Disney songs!!!

  3. davy i dont know how much longer i can support your slanderous remarks.

    soon i will have to retaliate with remarks like.. "hey davy.. remember that time when i spooned with your wife in ceder city"

  4. Even operation Mowgli was a failure. No one but Elton John wants to see your skinny trash.


  5. operation mowgli...retards.....


Thanks for the comments.