Michael Buble

Just discovered Michael Buble today. He rocks and im instantly addicted. Here is a taste of his rippin vocals!



Que bella es!


Meet bici, the dream bike!


Another addition to the black list..

So don't go to Bajio's in orem. Or anywhere.. it was never that good to begin with.

For those of you who can't handle the word "Diarrhea..." now would be the right time to stop reading.
Saturday afternoon me and a friend of mine went to Bajio's for some nachos. Everything was fine till this morning when i woke up to a very real pain in my guts and terrible noxious invisible gas clouds that seemed to hover above my bed.

Minutes later would prove that I had the worst Diarrhea I've had in years.. only bested by the kind of diarrhea that's brings you with in inches of your life and gives a keen sense of what it is to be mortal. This kind of diarrhea was introduced throughly to me as I was a missionary in Bolivia 7 years ago...

Anyway... whatever..



I have so been neglecting this blog. A lot has happened. I got a new job that rules. and so on..

Really I just need to let everyone know that somehow I sold my bike in a matter of hours by putting an ad on ksl. I didn't think it would happen that fast or even at all. So the problem is I'm now without a motorcycle.. and one should never be without a motorcycle. So let me know if you know or see anyone with a bike for sale. My only rule is that it has to be bigger than an 800. If you mention any sort of bullet bike I will not hold back the insults.. and I want to keep the cost below 5,ooo.

Thank you