Update on the flood

What a mix of bad feelings... Coming home only to find the entire fire department surrounding my apartment complex. I run out of the car towards my apartment and I see a multitude of people gathering around for the show. I get to my door only to find a mix of firefighters and like 50 people I don't even know. My stuff has been thrown around everywhere. My computer is soaking wet outside the door by the railing. My brand new love sac is now outside and sitting in the grass and mud. all my posters and books are destroyed. along with any other papers that were in my room. All my clothes that I own are now in a giant ball of mold waiting to happen sitting in the tub. my blankets are outside. my containers of cables and electronics are now taking a bath. my mattresses are now something resembling a giant heavy sponge.

So apparently the story is the sprinkler in my room decided to detonate itself while I and my roommates were at walmart. For the first day and a half the management of the apartments seemed to blame me for what happened. But they finally started being helpful by paying for all my laundry and taking all my blankets to the dry cleaners.

I'm not sure what will happen with all my electronic stuff I have horded up. I'm scared to death of losing data. All my pictures especially are irreplaceable. So I'm giving everything an extra long time to dry out giving them the best chance of resurrection. My computer and speakers and receiver were all on when the water hit so I am forced to fear the worst. I have just felt sick about this whole thing. What can you do?

I won't have a room until maybe this weekend sometime. My blankets wont be done till friday. It's like being homeless.

I hope it all works out soon.


  1. Holy Crap!!! That bedroom is not a cheap room!! I'm sorry man! Was it just your room?

  2. yep.. I was the lucky one. out of 72 rooms I was the only one that got nailed. pretty lame.


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