A solemn vow

This day I vow to not only grow back my hair but to grow it back to the glory it once was! Summer 04 hair will finally return!

So does anyone know of any drugs or elixirs that induce super fast hair growth? This pic was taken just a few minutes ago.. It looks as though I have a long way to go till my hair reaches glory status.


  1. the glory of gay?

    i don't get it garit.

  2. Please please please don't!! Umm pregnancy works really well for growing hair, maybe pick up some prenatal vitamins :) Do it I dare you

  3. please dont? why? what do you have against my hair of glory?

  4. Well..Garit....it's almost as scary as the Vin Diesel pics. Slightly scarier....but we will all still like you for who you are...I just won't be able to look at you. Maybe just don't get it permed this time!

  5. Long hair rules. Good luck on your quest. God speed.


Thanks for the comments.