Sick and skeletor

So I think I got sick from evil death spores in my room that have been continually growing since the flood happened. I'm sick and miserable.. I hate being sick. It seriously has been like a year since I was sick.. I made it through the whole freaking winter and didnt get sick at all.. then my room floods and I get infected with freaking invisible fungus or something.. lame.. as if having all that I own suffer water damage wasnt enough.

so here is my new favorite comic...


  1. what really made you sick was the josh gay groban music you've embedded into your blog. leave the mold alone.

  2. "josh gay groban" ill hurt you for that. I hope you get a lung full of TB. Then we will see whos side you're on.

  3. Garit... this isn't Tombstone. This isn't the Wild West. I am not Doc Holiday. I am NOT your huckleberry. I'm sure people are dying of TB somewhere in the world... but not here. Not today. Not while I'm on duty.

  4. Ok how about this. I hope the next time you and your wife get into a candy fight and start hucking jelly beans at each other one of your poorly aimed jelly beans gets bounced off a wall and ends up in that impossible to reach area and sits and waits until it begins to break down and becomes a nest of bugs and death.. until it get out of hand and starts eating your carpet and inner walls.. and then the stench begins to take over.. but by the time you are aware of whats going on its too late. Your lungs and colon have already started growing deadly mushrooms..

    sorry pal.. thats just to bad.

  5. Years of exposure to molds, asbestos and single cell organisms have built up my immune system to absorb harmful pathogens and use them as an energy source. With each slight sniffle or sneeze I only become stronger... I will be invincible!!


Thanks for the comments.