microsoft you knew this day was coming...

So yesterday after church i brought my computer over to Nic's for some serious nerding. PCLinuxOS 2007 is a beautiful breath-taking breakthrough. Thats all i really need to say about it.. but I'll say more.

First of all.. pretty much what ever computer you got and how ever old.. this just works! No installing drivers.. no fumbling with CD's no pulling your hair out. Its a 10-15 minute install.. and it just works. And I mean everything:java, flash, firefox, mp3 playback, dvd playback.. all the browser plugins you could ever want(including quicktime stuff!). All out of the box.

And if that wasn't incredible enough... they added all the 3D stuff your brain can handle.. way better than mac.. vista is a joke.. im not even going to mention how this compares to windows.. this disto will kill windows.. not even kidding.. it really is incredible. And dan.. let me just say you would even like this.

Oh and did i mention this is all free... Easy... and only the beginning..


  1. Too bad you can't upgrade your brain so you wouldn't be GAY anymore. do they make Linux for homos?

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