My new life dream: to make a music video

I have a new life dream. I want to make a music video of this song.

Some day when Mark and Branden own expensive HD Cameras with super fast frame rates and advanced video editing software, I'm going to create a music video to this song.

In a way it will be really simple: I will probably film the entire thing in a forest with lots of trees. It will be about some guy cutting down a tree with an ax. A lot of the main beats to the song will have their own cuts of video of the ax slamming into the tree at different angles. There will be a silent super fast frame rate shot of the dude screaming his lungs out and sweat coming off his face.

But it will be really difficult to edit. I want everything to be in that super awesome slow motion fast frame rate glory and the rest will almost be still frame stop motion looking. So everything will look either be really jerky and focused on movement or slow motion fast frame with all the detail.

I think Trent Reznor would be proud when I'm done.


The wold has gone crazy!

My mom saw this article and showed it to me.

Ok so here is the summary. Some guy in texas (a birdwatcher) shoots a stray cat on his property because it was killing endangered birds.

What happens next blows my mind.

Somehow he was sent to trial for cruelty towards animals. Which is just stupid first of all.

Then after the trial he starts getting death threats. Death threats!!! From who I can only guess.. active PETA members.. people who are crazy.. people who are insane and think animals are more important than human life!

Then someone actually tries to shoot this guy in the head! Holy crap! Are you kidding me!?

So then this guy, who is obviously scared that the crazy people in the world are going to come and kill him.. he moves out of the state. All because he did everyone a favor by taking care of a pest.


There are so many things wrong with this. Even if he wasn't a bird watcher. Even if he was just some creepy old man that hated animals coming around his property. NOTHING is wrong with him shooting some stray cat when it comes onto his property. I can think of a million reasons why there is nothing wrong with that.

Now.. if this guy were to catch the cat and torture it somehow.. no of course I am against that. That really is cruelty towards animals. Everything else is going way to far. I'm sick to death of these crazy people that think some mangy animal is worth more than a human life. There is no animal on this earth that is worth more than a human life.

I'm all for saving endangered animals. Animals beautify the earth and help us humans in many ways. But at the same time.. I'm all for shooting the crap out of some disease ridden parasite cesspool with legs that tries to get near me or my house. And screw anyone who tells me otherwise.

I have had enough of PETA. I have had enough of like minded lunatics. Leave the bird watcher and the rest of us the hell alone.


I hate microsoft for a reason you would never guess

So I was looking at my bank statement today and to my shock and horror I find that microsoft had taken 50 bucks out of my account for an xbox live account. I HAVE NOT OWNED AN XBOX SINCE 2004 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so for almost 4 years they have been taking money from me under the radar.

Hell on earth!

I hate golds gym too.. frick this is turning out to be a bad day.

A few things to say...

Yesterday I bought the new Die Hard movie,.. here are my thoughts.

First of all the movie itself is the one of my all time favorite movies.. its just so entertaining.

But.. the DVD came loaded with copy protection bull crap! Therefore it would not read in my computer. So I had to load up some anti-copy protection software just to read the dang thing. It worked fine for the first half of the movie.. but then it started to sorta skip and jump and get out of sync with the audio. I was so infuriated.. I had to hook up branden's DVD player halfway through the movie! That is just retarded.

Its crap like this that will make me and probably a legion of other computer nerds to go out of their way to bypass this stupid self-crippling software that makes it useless to anyone who wants to watch a movie on their HTPC.

So.. does anyone want a free copy of the new Die Hard movie.. I'll make a thousand of them if I have to.



iPhone story

This is funny.. had to post it. What made me laugh even more were the 2 comments from the blog at the bottom.. haha.. I love the internet.

I stole this from a blog called PlaneBuzz

We Knew This Was Going To Happen: iPhone Equipped Passenger Takes On Flight Crew Over Weather

One of our subscribers sent me this story today. We all knew this one was inevitable when the latest iPhone commercial rolled out -- now didnt we?

"Oh joy! I can't wait for the next ground delay or long taxi due to weather somewhere to get a smart ass with a freakin I-phone shoving it in my face saying "It's NOT raining there... SEE !" Too late ... already happened to me. We push back, get advised of a ground stop in MEM due to storms in the area. Go to the penalty box and wait. My Captain does the lecture over the PA... not one minute later, we get dinged from the F/A "Some guy with an IPhone says the weather is good, and wants to know what the real reason is for the delay. Is something wrong with the plane?"

I want to tell this clown what he can do with his IdiotPhone - but the Captain does it even better. He gets on the PA and makes the following announcement :

"If the passenger with the IPhone would be kind enough to use it to check the weather at our alternate, calculate our fuel burn due to being rerouted around the storms, call the dispatcher to arrange our release, and then make a phone call to the nearest Air Traffic Control center to arrange our timely departure amongst the other aircraft carrying passengers with IPhones, then we will be more than happy to depart. Please ring your call button to advise the Flight Attendant and your fellow passengers when you deem it ready and responsible for this multi-million dollar aircraft and its passengers to safely leave."

Needless to say, the pax was pretty embarrassed. The F/A later told us the rest of the plane was outright laughing at this dude. What a clown."

Posted by Holly on November 17, 2007 10:31 AM |


So the pilot of an airplane took time to insult and belittle a passenger who disagreed with him?

Seriously? Instead of just ignoring him or just saying "Okay sir, we'll double-check that information"? Just something to get him quiet.


No wonder Americans despise the airlines.

Posted by: mattjumbo [November 20, 2007 05:45 AM

Matt: So a blog commenter took the time to insult and belittle the pilot of an airplane who took time to insult and belittle an anti-social iPhone fanboy who clearly could benefit from having a well-soaked sock in his mouth?

Seriously? Instead of just ignoring him or just saying "I'm an iPhone fanboy and I can't stand you humiliating my fellow fanboys"? Just something to admit being hypocritical in suggesting modesty.


No wonder everyone hates fanboys.

Posted by: reinux November 20, 2007 06:04 AM




Andy Mckee

The other day dan showed me this dude Andy Mckee, this is one of his songs called "drifting" its pretty amazing.. check em out.

and here is another one.. you might recognize this song.

blogging from google docs

So today I am trying out a new way to post blogs. I am writing this blog right in "google docs"

So.. here we go.. this is going to be a weird looking post for sure.. but .. while i play with all the interesting things you can do from google docs, ill share a rumor I have been hearing..

Apparently there is talk that google might be looking to buy sprint/nextel. Now since we all know sprint is the worst carrier to ever grace the creation.. i think only good things can come from google taking over.

oh and here is a picture I took of my friend davy riding around on a stupid fairy scooter he made.. nice one dude!

edit: i found google docs guilty of being absolutely awful as a blog publisher.. so.. use something else. however it is good at being a free alternative to Microsoft Office...


welcome to my office

pretty exciting huh...

welp.. see ya later

new mac ad

Mark i totally stole this ad off your blog.. I just thought id spread it around a little more.. can you blame me? heh


Merck will pay $4.85 billion

So i have been hearing lately that Merck, the company that gave us the drug Vioxx, will be paying almost 5 billion dollars to settle the thousands of nationwide lawsuits.

So guess what.. a while back I had a rheumatologist give me Vioxx and it almost killed me. One pill made me beyond ill for 2 weeks. It was horrible..

So now you can guess what i'm thinking.. 5 billion dollar lawsuit.. I wonder if I could have received a chunk of that payout.. had i only been more on the ball when they were putting together all those lawsuits..

oh well..



started picture a day again.. if anyone cares..


I hate birds. One of the buildings i work in has really annoying and loud birds. Judas why.


a curse and a cure..

So today was one of those awful mornings where I had just a stupid song in my head.. dont know who sings it for sure but its got to be britney spears or christina aguilera .. the "you are beautiful" song.. judas.. i could die.. this is all i could hear in my head this morning over and over.. her haunting hypnotic voice..
"You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down"
What an awful way to start your day honestly..

so this morning, to sort of counteract the poison in my brain I went to kneaders for a breakfast sandwich. A bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a delectable crispy buttery flaky croissant,.. to be more precise. All I can say is that it was a beautiful experience. Something that ill be thinking about for the rest of the day.. something that completely striped out that venomous song from whats her awful face..

i love america


best idea ever

So this morning as I was scrambling out the door as I usually do.. a thought somehow came to me... "hey why don't I take an entire loaf of bread, peanut butter, honey and a butter knife to work today.. "

So now sitting on my desk is an entire loaf of bread ready for all my sandwich needs..
It should also save me money when lunch time comes around..
And now I can also offer peanut butter and honey sandwiches to people that visit me in my office..



The Science_Jector

I guess its about time I blog about the one thing thats been on my brain constantly for the last few months.

The Science_Jector

Many years ago I was introduced to some people who found LumenLab.com They showed me the basic idea of taking an LCD screen, putting a light behind it and with the help of a few optical lenses.. whabam! DIY projector. (DIY = do it yourself)

So.. I thought it was cool and really want to make one some day.. but a long time passed and I never did get around to it until years later when I was living in Virginia and lot more serious about it. So.. I bought up a bunch of parts and got ready to build it. Only needed the LCD screen. So.. what happened? I moved back to utah.. giving all my jector stuff to my dad. (I think it was a trade for something but I cant remember what)

So years pass by again.. my parents also moved back to utah and finally.. me and my dad spend a few days in the garage.. and ... we built him a projector.

So.. my desire mixed with determination for a Jector of my own was for real this time.

A few weeks ago I ordered all the parts on line and then got to work. Once the parts started coming in.. I started building the enclosure ..

It turned out to be a 3ft long 18 inches high monster!

Here are some of the guts of the Jector. Looking at the LCD screen, Controller and power supply for the controller.

So everything needed to be put into a sturdy frame. We made them out of oak. This is the LCD mounted in it's frame.
Then I painted it all black, inside and out. Here are all the framed lenses, LCD and Lexan (heat shield) Also the red thing is the ballast (it powers the bulb which is a street light bulb made in germany) Then we have the switches at the bottom. One for the main power and for of the bulb.

Here you can see the exhaust fans and the bulb mogel.
Anyway lastnight we got it all put together and did the first test run. And got this. You are looking at a 13foot screen (corner to corner) from 16ft away. Projected on a tan painted wall(not white). There is a lot of reasons why this should not have looked as good as it did.. but it still just looked awesome. I can't wait to tweak a few things and get it on a nice white screen. So here is a scene from Gladiator.
and here is another.
and here is a little taste of what it will be like to play computer games on a 13 foot screen!


is the moon crazy? or am I?

ok so wednesday I was coming up the hill from walmart in orem at about 6:20pm, as I got to the top of the hill I saw the moon just above the mountain line and it really suprised me.. I was sitting there alone in my truck but I was still like "holy crap!"
The moon just looked so big and abnormally close and easy to see.
Then last night at about midnight.. I swear it was the brightest moon ive ever seen. Straight up in the sky it made it perfectly easy to see into my truck as I was climbing into drive back to lindon.
Then this morning.. I took this picture.. it still seems abnormal to me..

anyway.. Im glad we have a moon.. I think its cool. So much stuff on the planet has a direct effect coming from the moon. Like tides of the ocean and currents. here is a nice little animation..

Animals such as salmon and turtles are also greatly effected by the moon.
Surfers depend on the moon.
The moons also shields us from a lot of space debris hitting the earth.
The speed and direction of the winds are result of the moon.

The craziest one to think about though is how it effects time on our planet. If we didn't have the moon the earth would spin a lot faster and there would be a lot less hours in the day. Some say it would be something like 8 hours. Thats crazy!


geez.. this doesnt seem real

Samsung is a huge company in korea.. they make everything under the sun as far as electronics go. In my oppinion their phones are absolute trash and good for nothing but subtracting a few good years of your life. however.. they do make some pretty sweet LCD screens. I own a 20 inch widescreen LCD for my computer at home. But this is incredible.

So heres a 10mm thick(0.39 inch) 40" LED lit 1080p HD LCD TV.

A great idea for microsoft

So they are working on the new windows. For now they are calling it "windows 7" or "windows vienna". I just read a few articles about what they are trying to do and the changes they are making.. it actually sounded to me like they had a few great ideas.. we will see what actually happens.. but here is my idea.

Microsoft should re-release windows XP.. call it "windows 7 or vienna" and just forget vista ever happened.

that would make me happy.



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what you are looking at is one of those things you can buy movie tickets from at the provo mall theater. this picture was taken from my phone a long time ago but i was looking though my files when i saw it..

anyway its a windows blue screen of death.. it happened when i tried to buy a few tickets.. it made me laugh pretty good..


my dad looks like the fonz



this is my sexy bike..




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yep more





more pics




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Some bike pics..





windows vista: an honest account

I have been inspired to tell the world what i think about windows vista. This is based only on my own experience.. not from what i have read on the internet or from what other people say. This is an honest accounting of everything i have experienced.

Things I like about vista:

1. I like that while you are uninstalling a program through "programs and features" it allows you to scroll the list and click on other programs.. (you couldn't do that in xp)


Now things that I hate about vista:

1. First of all I hate the fact that I was forced into using windows vista. Many people buying new computers or laptops have had the same experience. Right now it is hard to buy a new computer (no matter where you get it from) with with windows xp because microsoft has been trying to shove it down or throats by not allowing us to have a choice in the matter. (this to my knowledge has slightly changes recently, at least for HP they are now allowing "downgrades" to xp. this is great news.. although i have yet to get xp on my laptop. bottom line is.. it is still ridiculous to try and get xp on a new laptop)

2. Vista is a resource hog. I have all the frilly bells and whistles turned off (meaning i have every setting i can think og set to performance over what "looks good"), I have all the preinstalled computer crippling software removed (including and especially nortons or any other anti-virus) and it still just crawls.. I really cant believe it. As far as hardware goes this computer should be better than any other computer I own..

3. UAC Do i really need to go into this? I cant tell you how annoying this really is. You may have seen that mac commercial where the pc had to say "allow" for everything.. it really is like that.. except even worse. You absolutely have to disable this to use your computer and not what pull your hair out.

4. It honestly feels like nothing is easy now in vista. They have changed names and places for things i used all the time. like in the control panel add/remove programs was right there near the top.. now its called "programs and features" and is a ways down the list. I can think of a ton of little things like that.

5. the wireless and network settings.. are RETARDED! before it was so easy to just click the start button then click network connections. From there you had everything you needed right there.. and they were separated into wireless and local connections.. man.. I long to have that the way it was. now its some hellish maze to get to what you want to.. and they have all these extra network profile settings that drive you nuts. and i find this whole "network and sharing center" to be very buggy and freezing all the time.. i just completely hate it.

6. What used to be "my documents" is now your username with a ton of extra confusing stuff in there. I used to enjoy a nicely kept my documents folder now i hate trying to find something in there. the folder icons all blend together and it makes it hard to find what you want.

7. and what the heck is with google first of all and now microsoft that wants to put such an emphasis on searches... i like to be able to search files on my computer .. but for freak sake.. i dont want my computer indexing everything i do and saving the searching i make and putting them into a folder for me to just delete later.. honestly ill take the slightly slower regular search for when i actually need to find something. this is one of the first things i disable.

8. "windows photo gallery" .. well it sucks.. i dont know why this has to be the default application to launch when you double click on a picture. why does the big blue middle button have to be the annoying instant slideshow button? Honestly how often do you really want to see a slide show of all your stuff. maybe never.. the bars at the top and bottom take up way to much valuable screen space.

9. windows explorer sucks now. again.. taking up way to much space with all the buttons you never use.. when you try to customize it how you want it.. guess what happens. the only thing you can do is unlock or lock the tool bar!?!? why does that even matter if you cant do anything else to it! why not just disable it totally!? and what happened to thumbnail view!? i hate the new explorer.. i cant get it even close to how i like it.

10. oh here is something that really bugs me.. why did they make it so easy to accidentally delete the trash can off the desktop!? i just want to empty the trash once in a while.. not delete the trash completely. I have seriously done this more times than I want to admit. and why does that really need to be an option on the right click.. im sure we were all fine with it not being there before.

11. this one doesn't matter to me that bad because i use firefox or any number of other browsers. vista forces you to use the new internet explorer 7. It sucks.. it sucks.. it sucks. thats a whole other blog.. so i hate that on those rare occasions that i do need to use IE now i have no choice but to use IE7.

12. Rhapsody doesn't work very well at all and i don't know if it is because its just windows vista or if its because it uses IE. Either way.. judas its annoying. I have to completely reset IE7 back to factory settings all the time just to get rhapsody to login sometimes.

13. here is a big one. this one kills me as well. when you click the big red power button on the start button.. what do you think it "should" do? exactly.. it should shut down the computer!! but no.. its just does a hibernate or sleep mode or what ever it is.. and there is NO way to change it.. at all. here's the truth.. none of those features have EVER worked right.. so they should just admit it and implement them as beta until they actually do work. until then i don't want to see em.


this is a work in progress and im getting sick of this post.. ill update it as i feel like it. until then.. IF you have the choice between XP and vista.. please make sure you get a gun and blow your brains out before choosing vista..

thank you


the circle of life

there is a special moment that happens only once a year. its that moment where the stark realization that summer really is over and that a bitter winter is in close proximity. today could have been any other day.. I checked the weather the night before and it said it would be like 69 degrees today..

I run out the door hoping for a warmer day.. i get to my truck and see the condensation on the windows. I start the engine and then hit the wipers.. horror strikes me when i realize the morning dew is frozen solid on my windshield..

and so begins the drudgery of scraping ice off car windows every morning.. soon everywhere I go.. the futile walk between tire tracks trying not to get snow on my exposed feet will begin as well.


so that special moment happened today october 15th


New apartment and dentist

Me and branden are moving into a 3 bedroom house in lindon this weekend. We need furniture.. keep an eye out and let us know if ya got anything.

things needed:

a bed
a few couches
a dresser
a kitchen table and a couple chairs
a few more couches
some kind of shelve units that can hold a frick of a lot of dvd's cd's and books.
things to sit on...

one more thing.. im going to the dentist on tuesday for the first time in years.. so please pray for me!


What is that smell

Ok what is the deal going on in orem! I swear everywhere I go I get blasted with a potent wall of invisible raw sewage! I ride around on the motorcycle most of the time so I probably notice it more than most people do but trust me.. its there!

So WHAT is it!? What is causing this to happen?

Is global warming to blame? Are the sewers getting heated more than they have been in the past and therefore the acrid air expands and seeks its victims outside its usual containment?

Is it the rapidly expanding utah county? More people therefor more muck? Is the populace growing faster than we can handle waste?

Is it El Nino coming back for round two!?

Is it freaking Pangaea coming back together again!?

Anyway.. im hoping the bitter cold and most awful winter we are about to be thrust into will stay this awful stench for a time. But being as its been a warm few days guess who back in town... and thus the reason for my pitiful banter.

Jason's Deli Review

I really like Jason's Deli. Its nice and clean in there. Its kinda different than most places in general.. not in a big way but just kinda nice. All the soft serve ice-cream you can eat after your meal.. thats kinda cool. lots of good looking food.. it all looked impressive to me. it was easy to order and not too long of a wait. The price was right I think. I will be coming back a lot.

And they have the best meatball anything ive ever had.. it was so good! so yeah.. im very pleasantly surprised.



sprint is the worst carrier on the planet. They have cut off my service more than a few times.. they have charged me for ludicrous crap! They fail to tell me important information. They are impossible to hear and understand! Their supervisors are the last people you want to talk to and their phones suck. Their customer service is staggeringly useless. They cut me off again today and now after i tell them to fix it they say it will take 4 hours to turn it back on.. for something that was their fault.. everything has been their fault and im not kidding.. ive never been so frustrated ...

I like that my plan is so cheap.. 30 bucks for 600 min and all the internet and text i can throw around. But.. its not worth the agony.. I need therapy...

The other day they made me so mad I actually cussed out a supervisor on the phone.. judas .. I've never ever done that before.

I am honestly considering not having a cell phone.. ever again. If pagers were still mainstream and cheap id downgrade in a second.

I look forward to the day that wireless internet covers the map just as well as cell phone towers do so you can use free internet phones.. or for google to finally release their free ad supported cell phone.

honestly.. im sick of it.. 90 percent of the day im near a computer with internet or a wired phone anyway.. are cell phones really that much of a convenience?

just a side note.. it took a great deal of effort to not use a lot of 4 letter words in this post.. you should all be proud of me...


This is too cool to not post!

Brandon sent me this today.. i was glued to the screen for the whole video.. this would be an incredible feeling.. can you imagine doing this!?


Michael Buble

Just discovered Michael Buble today. He rocks and im instantly addicted. Here is a taste of his rippin vocals!



Que bella es!


Meet bici, the dream bike!


Another addition to the black list..

So don't go to Bajio's in orem. Or anywhere.. it was never that good to begin with.

For those of you who can't handle the word "Diarrhea..." now would be the right time to stop reading.
Saturday afternoon me and a friend of mine went to Bajio's for some nachos. Everything was fine till this morning when i woke up to a very real pain in my guts and terrible noxious invisible gas clouds that seemed to hover above my bed.

Minutes later would prove that I had the worst Diarrhea I've had in years.. only bested by the kind of diarrhea that's brings you with in inches of your life and gives a keen sense of what it is to be mortal. This kind of diarrhea was introduced throughly to me as I was a missionary in Bolivia 7 years ago...

Anyway... whatever..



I have so been neglecting this blog. A lot has happened. I got a new job that rules. and so on..

Really I just need to let everyone know that somehow I sold my bike in a matter of hours by putting an ad on ksl. I didn't think it would happen that fast or even at all. So the problem is I'm now without a motorcycle.. and one should never be without a motorcycle. So let me know if you know or see anyone with a bike for sale. My only rule is that it has to be bigger than an 800. If you mention any sort of bullet bike I will not hold back the insults.. and I want to keep the cost below 5,ooo.

Thank you



Life is good

This is a picture of me sitting in front of a 20,000 dollar system at reference audio listening to Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and another one I forgot.

It is quite the experience.


I get behind sometimes...

I don't know why this happens but I'll go on a trip and take a bunch of pictures and then come home tired and not really want to do anything but relax then before I can post pictures and write up a summary I am off doing something else that wears me out and puts me further behind. Then when I find other stuff to blog about I put it off too because I feel like I need to post me other stuff first. So it ends up being this huge ugly gap.

So.. I am at work and I found this on the internet. I'm going to just post things like I usually do and i'll just find time to catch up later. Anyway I thought this was a bit funny.


By Stephen McNeil

SARAH: Daddy, were you in the shower?

DAD: Yes, I was in the shower.


DAD: I was dirty. The shower gets me clean.


DAD: Why does the shower get me clean?


DAD: Because the water washes the dirt away when I use soap.


DAD: Why do I use soap?


DAD: Because the soap grabs the dirt and lets the water wash it off.


DAD: Why does the soap grab the dirt?


DAD: Because soap is a surfactant.


DAD: Why is soap a surfactant?


DAD: That is an EXCELLENT question. Soap is a surfactant because it forms water-soluble micelles that trap the otherwise insoluble dirt and oil particles.


DAD: Why does soap form micelles?


DAD: Soap molecules are long chains with a polar, hydrophilic head and a non-polar, hydrophobic tail. Can you say ‘hydrophilic’?

SARAH: Aidrofawwic

DAD: And can you say ‘hydrophobic’?

SARAH: Aidrofawwic

DAD: Excellent! The word ‘hydrophobic’ means that it avoids water.


DAD: Why does it mean that?


DAD: It’s Greek! ‘Hydro’ means water and ‘phobic’ means ‘fear of’. ‘Phobos’ is fear. So ‘hydrophobic’ means ‘afraid of water’.

SARAH: Like a monster?

DAD: You mean, like being afraid of a monster?


DAD: A scary monster, sure. If you were afraid of a monster, a Greek person would say you were gorgophobic.


SARAH: (rolls her eyes) I thought we were talking about soap.

DAD: We are talking about soap.

(longish pause)


DAD: Why do the molecules have a hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail?


DAD: Because the C-O bonds in the head are highly polar, and the C-H bonds in the tail are effectively non-polar.


DAD: Because while carbon and hydrogen have almost the same electronegativity, oxygen is far more electronegative, thereby polarizing the C-O bonds.


DAD: Why is oxygen more electronegative than carbon and hydrogen?


DAD: That’s complicated. There are different answers to that question, depending on whether you’re talking about the Pauling or Mulliken electronegativity scales. The Pauling scale is based on homo- versus heteronuclear bond strength differences, while the Mulliken scale is based on the atomic properties of electron affinity and ionization energy. But it really all comes down to effective nuclear charge. The valence electrons in an oxygen atom have a lower energy than those of a carbon atom, and electrons shared between them are held more tightly to the oxygen, because electrons in an oxygen atom experience a greater nuclear charge and therefore a stronger attraction to the atomic nucleus! Cool, huh?


SARAH: I don’t get it.

DAD: That’s OK. Neither do most of my students.


The network is down

So all the network is down at the school. So Im resorting to the awesome world of phone internet! I think im gonna take a long lunch.


New York Burrito in Lehi

Something awful just happened to me so I felt I needed to write a special blog about it.

New York Burrito in Lehi. One of my favorite places to eat since they opened way back when i was in high school (8 or 9 years ago). I even did marketing for them in one of my classes at the school. I knew the owners fairly well. Pleasant people. In comes the new owner, I'll call him Mr.O'brian for obvious reasons. I have interacted with him a couple times and I didn't think there was anything wrong with him. And they still had good food. So what did I care.

Then today happened. My parents live in lehi and we were working on putting up a new wall when we decided to call in an order. My mom talked to an obviously new employee who seemed flustered and made many mistakes. Even hung up on her right in the middle of the order.

She eventually picked up the food and brought it home. Turns out all of the orders were screwed up. Especially mine.. I took one bite and about gagged. I only like it a certain way and it was anything but what I like. They charged us extra for stuff that wasn't even in it. Needless to say, I didn't eat it. The rest of my family ate it anyway.

So I take it back and Mr.O'brian seems ok at first but then he wants to check the notes. Somehow he flips and almost seems like I'm trying to screw him over some how. He got all defensive and kept saying like.. "I did that myself it wasn't wrong" Which you should never do! Judas! Why would I come back if it wasn't! So at first he seemed like he was at least going to make me a new one.. I gave him the old one and he opened it up to examine it. I told him everything that was wrong and then he said well I'm going to charge you for a new one. I can't just do it for free. I couldn't believe it!!! I told him that if he didn't try to fix it we would never come back. All he said was "thats fine sir." in his stupid irish accent.

I left more pissed than I have ever been. What a jackass. How can he expect to run a business like that.

I officially wish him only the most dismal failure. Hope he learns his lesson. Please do me a favor and avoid that place like the plague and never go there again.

Thanks in advance.

****************** UPDATE **********************

Ok so after writing this blog I tried to get a Pizza from pizza hut delivered to my apartment. After 2 hours I called them only to find some idiot couldn't find it. The excuse was "there was no apartment # on the order" After explaining that my address was indeed complete and there was no apartment # they said they would try again. I told them to double my order for free. They said they would give me some bread sticks. After another 2 hours I left the house cursing...

The boycott continues!!! Stupid restaurants ruining my life! Today the world has done an excellent job of making me wish I were dead.

And on the subject of boycotting I might as well tell you what happened on to me on friday at Cinemark 16 in the provo mall.

This is a brief summary but it basically went like this:

1. There were at least 3 crying babies in the theater that no one cared to remove. I swear to you it was like screaming baby surround sound, it was everywhere! I hate people who think its ok to bring children that are incapable of holding still for the duration of a movie! DON'T FREAKING DO IT!

2. Then not only that, there were MANY groups of children and parents TALKING non-stop through the whole thing! I don't believe it! Why!?

3. This one isn't that big of deal since everyone forgets sometimes but I have to put it in here anyway... I heard a few cellphones go off during the movie! C'mon people there are now at least 2 reminders on the screen to turn off your freaking cell phones if you are paying attention!

4. This is the big one. Half way through the movie and I kid you not! The bright cleaning lights flipped on! It was instantly too bring to even see what was going on in the movie! And it was like that for what seemed like forever. Although I'm pretty sure it only lasted 5-10 minutes.. for crap sake how does this happen!? After talking to a manager and cleanup crews out side they said it was possibly the fault of a disgruntled ex-employee! Judas..

Conclusion: I've now vowed to not watch movies in movie theaters ever again and doubled my resolve to have a nicer setup at home!

So as a final review, stay away from New York Burrito (because they don't have a clue in the world). Stay away from Pizza Hut (because they are mind blowingly incapable of delivering you a pizza!) And finally stay away from movie theaters. Instead come over to my place. Prices on movie tickets continue to rise and for what? Extra frustration? Judas...


2 of my favorite things!!!

I never dreamed that 2 of my favorite things would ever be combined to form the coolest nerd toy in the world!

Lightning! and 8 bit Music!

So this turns out to be a good sized Solid State Tesla Coil somehow rigged as a speaker. I say screw having a pool in the back yard! I'd rather be able to go relax in the back yard while letting this thing turn Dream Theater into lightning bolts!

If you are daring you can build your own I guess. Here or Here.


The first fruits of photo editing

So I got a copy of Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo XI through work and just started playing with it today... I didn't really have a project or anything so I just grabed a random picture it found and started messing around.. I have to say that I love it. Its like and easy photoshop. Hardcore photoshop people probably wont like it as much but it can do most of what Photoshop can do. Its a little easier for us noobs. Anyway I think its perfect for all the editing ill ever do.



Dan's Hair

Lightning and new blogger features

Found this the other day.

Ok so blogger is getting some new things. Enter: video upload. This is easy and awesome. Not the best quality in compression by any means but I'm sure I'll still use it anyway. Just upload your video and it makes a nice little blogger flash player for it. It has done well with all the formats that I have thrown at it. I have a feeling a lot of videos are going to start showing up here.. Dan you might be the first showcase.

The other thing blogger is going to add is the ability to put a poll on your blog. As you can see on my side bar there is a nice little "would you rather" poll. Kinda fun eh..


Hair check!

Just checking the progress on the hair. It looks like i still have a long way to go. but its coming in nice.. there is some good progress.. lol

You have new Picture Mail!

My new phone and my first mobile post. Woo hoo!


I would be a lucky dude if..

I were out in the south pacific cruising around in my yacht having a good ole time when all of a sudden I notice something strange floating on top of the water.. that just happened to be volcanic rocks. 


And then after that.. witness a new island being born.. holy crap this would be both the scariest thing in the world and the coolest thing in the world.  Wish I was there!

Check this out!