ugh... Winter... Again..

Winter needs to leave me alone for a year or 2..

So today was a weird day. On the way to work I saw that there had been a terrible accident involving a few cars and someone on a bicycle. It would be a good guess that someone didn't make it home today. It's so sad. Usually I'm not that effect by these kind of accidents.. call me cruel or what ever but I'm just not. But today it was different.. I just felt bad about the lives this accident would effect and change.

Then as I'm pulling into work I noticed the first snow of winter starting to hit my windshield.. and when it comes to snow.. and I'm not one of those people who look forward to the snow.. in fact.. I loathe it. It's hard on cars.. It sucks to get up early and scrap the windows.. And get blasted by the cold every time you go outside.. and it's hard on my already jacked up feet..

oh well.. what can you do...

Angela's wedding was a beautiful one. I am very glad I was able to be there. It was fun to see all those people that I haven't seen in a while.. It was also really cool to have Barbara there with me.. She really helped me not feel like a total loser. lol.. Thanks babe!


I measured my living room again and was happy to find out that I've got ample room for the projector.  I can say that i'll easily be able to achieve a 10 foot projected screen on the wall.  Joy...

This is my stand and always will be

You all have known me.  You all know how I feel about downloading music.  I know there are many people who don't share my views.. like branden.  (no offense bro.. we're still cool right?.. good.)  Anyway I'd like to point out that there is more going on than you think.  Here is an article from a musician's point of view.  And don't think that he is the only one who think like that.  There are many.  True there are others with almost the exact opposite opinion like Metallica.. but lets be honest.. they are idiots.  And even they are starting to come around.

The Internet will never be controlled.  You have 2 choices.  Either embrace it and use it to your benefit.  Like many intelligent people already have and are.  Or you can go hide yourself in a closet with all the other ignoramuses and cry foul play till you're blue in the face.  Either way I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing and so will the majority.


projector updates

cant wait!!! these are the latest screenshots of the LL PJ in action.

Click on the images to see a bigger size. They only have about 500 of em the first round and i think around 2000 at least want one.. so.. we will see what happens.. i hope i get one.

And by the way.. the screen you are seeing here is just a tad over 9 ft from corner to corner. It's big!



remember how I posted that superman comic a few posts down well i had no idea it was worth $440,000 !!

Action Comics #1
Published in June of 1938, the first issue of Action Comics marked the original appearance of Superman.
Approximate Value (In "near mint" condition):
$440,000 USD.


Motorcycle Gear

 So.. Motorcycles.  I still want one.  I've been looking at helmets and jackets a bit lately.  These are my choices on helmets so far.  I wish I could like make a poll or something where everyone could vote.. oh well..

I really can't decide between this one or ...

this one.


I think they are both great.. now as far as jackets.. I'm a little more lost.  but here are a bunch of examples.. I tried to find some that had orange in em to kinda match the helmet but then if I get the yellow one.. bla.. i don't know.. anyway..



Now the reason for the helmet and jacket!  The Bike.  I think I've decided that i don't want anything 1000cc or over.. I had a 750cc last year and It was great.. I think anything from the 750cc-900cc would be perfect!  I had a Honda ace shadow deluxe (American classic) last summer and I loved it.  But I don't care too much if its a different brand.  Not really into Harley's cuz I think you have to pay a serious premium for the name.  Anyway.. something like this would be sweet.

Projector Stuff

This is for you Mark.

So this is the projector that the guys over at lumenlab.com are manufacturing. 

Lumenlab.com - Fiat Lux! - DIY Home Theater - HDTV - Video Projectors

Let me know how it compares to the EnFocus that you were looking at.  What I'm thinking is that this is a kill 480p projector at a killer price with a built in TV tuner.. and bulbs that last forever and only cost $29 to replace!


google youtube bla bla bla

Lots of hype out there with google buying youtube and all the speculation that comes with it..

Here's what I gotta say. Google needs to do one more thing before they have total control of the internet. Find a way to kill myspace. They just bought half the reason myspace is worth anything with the youtube deal. Now they need finish it off.. or get a myspace of their own.

Why should they want to do this?

Back around the end of May of this year myspace climbed the charts to tie google for just under 4% of the total hits on the web. Then in july they topped the charts beating out yahoo mail and every other domain out there grabbing up over 4 1/2 of the internet. To put their rise to glory in perspective.. they have grown from .1% in just 2 years. Thats a 4300% increase! Google (the advertising giant) must be $alivating at the thought of what they could do with that kind of traffic.

I hate myspace. The sooner google cleans up the bleak social networking as we know it the better. And you know it's only a matter of time.


2038 is the new Y2K

Ok lets recap the Y2K scare. Remember when we thought that the roll over from the year 99 to 2000 would somehow crash the techno driven world as we knew it... hmm well no tech savvy person really thought that would happen. But it did pose a major problem for banks and other people with important records whose software only used a 2 digit number for the year instead of the full 4 digits. This was a major pain for those few. They had to go through a lot of code and change it from a 2 digit year to a 4. When the year 2000 struck there were no major problems reported. Had they not gone through the trouble though, they could have had some major problems with with their records and money applications.

But now a new threat may be emerging. This new "bug" on the block may cause more problems than before and effect a much wider audience. Once again it has to do with how we keep track of time.

******sorry this post is not done (had to reload my computer today)more on this topic later****


Nokia Phone Concept

This is a nokia I would carry proudly...


cool art

Have you guys seen this?  I can't remember... 


Star-Trek like Teleportation via Quantum Entanglement = The Ultimate Encryption

*Warning -- This post is only for the super nerdy*

It's amazing what scientists are doing these days.  Of course the star-trek "beam me up Jim!" teleporter is a bunch of crap.. and I believe it always will be. But look at how far they've come.  You may think that teleporting a bit of matter made up of billions of atoms too small to see using a beam of light as a conduit only 1 and a half feet away from where it was,..  is something to laugh at... me on the other hand... well I bet you can guess how I feel about it :)

Anyway here is the article.  I bet you wont enjoy it as much as I did lol.


This one is for you mom and dad.


I know at least one of you will think this is cool!  It's a Chevy V8 turned into a table/wine holder..   hmm..  I've never seen one so clean!

Communication Notice:

I have decided that I don't care to use MSN messenger anymore.  Nor will I use any crappy yahoo or aol messenger.  If you want to get a hold of me you will have to install Google Talk or login to your gmail.  Or just call me for the love.


Michael Jackson's indian twin..

davy sent this to me.. I had to put it up .. this is so creepy..


Things of interest since my last blog...

Just a warning.. this is not going to make any sense, I'm pretty much just throwing together a load of stuff I found and thought was interesting over the last few days.  Anyway lets begin..

  • I came upon a list of known phobias.  After reading through this a bit I came to the conclusion that humans are so lame!  That's pretty much all I wanna say about that.
  • Put Sony-Ericsson and Fossil together and what do you get?  A technology only people like me would enjoy!  So it's a watch that sync's via bluetooth to any Sony-Ericsson phone.  Will it save you time, energy, money, or maybe even your life?  No.. but it will be cool to not have to fumble around with your phone to see who's calling/txt'ing.  All you have to do is glance at your wrist.  Ah.. technology..
  • I wish I had the time and gumption to tackle cool projects like this.  Some guy bought an xbox 360 and turned it into a laptop.  This is how he did it.  I think it's pretty incredible. 
  • This one if for all those guys you collected comics and cards when they were younger.  And I don't care who you are... this is cool. 
  • Here is another new technology plug.  I'm not sure where this will lead but its cool.  They have recently been able to shrink image projectors.  Small enough to put it into a cell phone.  Why you ask.. who cares.. now you can hold your cell phone up to a wall and see an image the size of a computer monitor.
  • This is art.  And I think its amazing.  That's it.

Let me pause for a second to say that today marks the day me and Barbara have been dating for 11 months.  Here's to us babe! 

  • Ok this is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen.  I think all pools that are big enough should have at least one of these.  man...
  • This is an article I know my mom will love.  For some reason I love to spread the word on crap like this.. maybe it's my inner non-conformist trying to claw it's way out of me.. either way I like to have an excuse up my sleeve for things I sometimes do.. like not wear a bike helmet.. lol
  • Keeping up with my tendency to post those little stabs at microsoft I'll post the latest but not so greatest in my eyes. 
  • You may have seen this picture floating around lately.  I think its cool.  The picture was taken by George Steinmets who has had many pictures published in National Geographic.  His latest passion is photographing the world's deserts while piloting a motorized paraglider. The picture is an aerial shot of a group of camels trekking through the desert.  What you're looking at is the shadows they cast. 

And that's pretty much it for now...