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The other day I was going through my work email's spam filter when I noticed a new flavor.  There was about 4-5 email that looked similar and on closer inspection they all in fact had one thing in common.  At first I thought they all quoted the A&E movie special "Pride and Prejudice" But I think its actually the novel by Jane Austen.  They are sort of cut up into small segments.. see if you can pick them out.

Here is one such email:

Time Received: 11/19/06 09:51:22
From: "Alvaro Lilly" <AlvaroLilly@etnyre.com>
Subject: orange rust new-apparel
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entered the library, "oh! mr. bennet, you are wanted immediately; we are all in an uproar. you must

"i am perfectly ready, i assure you, to keep my engagement; and when your sister is recovered,

beauty; and more than once during dinner did mr. bennet say voluntarily to elizabeth:

"what, is he coming home, and without poor lydia?" she cried. "sure he will not leave london

best of them were of the present party; but mr. wickham was as far beyond them all in person,

as soon as mr. bennet were dead. she complained bitterly of all this to her husband.

"if you were aware," said elizabeth, "of the very great disadvantage to us all which must arise

discover the number of the hackney coach which took them from clapham. it had come with a fare

"my ideas flow so rapidly that i have not time to express them-by which means my letters

"there is a gentleman with him, mamma," said kitty; "who can it be?"

and me are such friends!) and so she asked the two harringtons to come, but harriet was ill, and so

county without impunity, and rob it of a few petrified spars without his perceiving me."

"lizzy, i bear you no ill-will for being justified in your advice to me last may, which,

better feelings than you are supposing. they have known her much longer than they have known me;

be delayed. imprudent as the marriage between mr. wickham and our poor lydia would be, we are

among the cluster of red coats there assembled, a doubt of his being present had never occurred to her.

a very short distance of her, quite disengaged, he never came near enough to speak. she felt it to be the

accuse him of but pride; pride he probably had, and if not, it would certainly be imputed by the

"i cannot see why mrs. forster should not ask me as well as lydia," said she, "though i am not

and every turning expected to bring it in view. the palings of rosings park was their boundary on one


Anyway.. I prefer this over male enhancement spam anyday!

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