Post # 147 is special...

And its all becuase 10 minutes ago I did something brave. 10 minutes ago I did something liberating.

I sold my wow account.

Im 70 bucks richer and feeling like a new man. No more lfg gnomer! No more wts [tin bar] x40. No more lf someone to open a lock box. No more freaking chuck norris in barrens chat. No more ninja's. No more grinding. No more saving for a mount. No more playing the AH. No more NOOBS. No more wow...........

Well on to bigger and better things. I want to build some stuff. Learn some stuff. And find better use of my time. See you in RL.

I think im gonna log...


  1. Congratulations... I know that it's not easy. My prayers are with you on this path to recovery.

  2. seeing these pictures made me want to play again. i'll see you in azeroth in a few months noob.

  3. Man.. I think i lasted a week.. 2 weeks tops! Man do I suck@!@!!~~!!~#!@$


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