Catching up on interesting things as of late...

First lets start off with a cool video. Nothing like nerds who like fire.

This would be fun to play with.. lets just be honest.

Ok now for an interesting story I read the other day. There is a movie theater chain that has started a new trend. Pagers are a interesting technology. They started out as a cheap alternative to a cell phone.. then cell phone took over.. so pagers starting piling into restaurants and stores as a way to keep you place in line without being in line..

And now they are coming to a movie theater near you.. but not in a way you think. These little guys were invented to help morons and idiots alike get booted out of a movie for talking on a cell phone. Here's how it works.. employees will hand out these nifty little pagers as you enter the movie theater and find your seats.. The pager has 4 buttons: the first "alerts theater managers about a disruption in the audience, such as a fight over a cell phone" <-- I guess this is a major problem in some places.. haven't heard of this happening in Utah though.. The other buttons are for problems with the projection, sound or temperature.

I think this is a cool idea. It would make it so you don't have to run out and track down an employee to fix something.. and I also like the idea of having an eject button for those morons who talk during movies.. pushing that button actually sends in a squad to pounce on them. So.. if it works.. that would be awesome.. Anyway here is the article..

Oh just by way of announcement.. I'm trying to sell my Ruger.. If you know anyone who wants a totally sweet revolver let me know.

Ok moving on.. but on the subject of guns.. I introduce you now to something hilarious.. Its called "seasoned shot" it Shoots, Kills, Seasons.

Now for a healthy does of cosmic discovery and possibly the coolest lightning in the solar system... Saturn has been in the news a lot lately. What's that you say.. "what the crap news are you seeing?" Ok.. so maybe its been in the nerd news a lot lately.. anyway.. I don't care who you are space is cool!! So keep reading! Lets talk about Saturn's rings for a sec.

They are ice and dust and they are interestingly still very young.. well cosmically speaking anyway. The rings span about 170,000 miles! and are on average under 150 ft thick! That can be compared to something thinner than a piece of tissue paper spread across a football field! That's just cool to me. Anyway.. so the thing I wanted to get to was this.. Scientists now speculate smudges that sometimes appear in Saturn's rings, then quickly disappear, could be caused by massive strokes of lightning or meteor strikes. I of course don't believe that later.

The report says "If the theory is right, these faint features are the signature of awesome events: lightning strokes ten thousand times more energetic than those on Earth, releasing beams of electrons that surge up from Saturn's surface to whack into the rings and blast out jets of electrically charged dust."

As for the smudges being the result of meteor strikes "It's implausible that several meteorites would strike the rings in the same place in close succession."

The reports are very speculative because no one has seen these types of storms on Saturn. But the idea of massive electron beams rising from the planet's surface is reminiscent of science fiction novels and would be truly amazing to see.

Well I guess that's it for now...

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  1. I got the national geographic with all those saturn pictures... it came with a sweet diagram of the solar system. nat laminated it for me at her school.


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