Walking to work

so.. I got a flat tire the other day.  And it was a nightmare to get fixed.. cuz I didn't have any tools.  Now I do.. and instead of taking 3 days to get the job done.. next time it will only take 5 min.  that's all I want to say about that.

so I walked to work a few days and It was nice because the weather was freakishly nice and warm.  I was able to take a couple pics on my journey.


this first one is interesting because it barley shows the nasty smog or what ever it was those few days.  there on the mountain you can see it the best.  Nasty stuff.  Not sure if this was due to all the fires in California or if its inversion or if its just pollution.. blech..


This I just thought was cool.. I'm surprised at how many trains go by on these tracks.  What is being transported on these so much?  From where to where?  Who knows.. trains are cool.

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