YouTube Google Video.. bla bla bla.. here is the newest member to the internet video sharing waste your time club.


The thing I like about Soapbox is .. pure unadulterated image quality.  It's the best.. and therefore.. I think I will use if for posting my stuff.. cuz im lazy and don't want to mess with the hundreds of videos that I have taken.


And yeah it is Microsoft.. but hey.. the best is the best.  And we all know Microsoft is not the best in everything.. lol


  1. Speaking of the best of the best, the zune came out today. CNN did a side by side comparison to the iPod. Can you guess who won?

  2. The Zune. I like the idea. I want to want to buy a Zune but Apple is the king of portable music now. Hands down. Microsoft. bah..

  3. Apple would be nothing but a distant memory from the 80's if it weren't for Microsoft. Bow to the greatest computer company in the world. WoW rules!


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