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***Posted the pics from the car wreck***

So the other day I witnessed a massive 5-7 car accident on state street right in front of Barbara's apartment parking lot. I was changing her oil and filter when all of a sudden I start hearing breaking.. I look over and see that a truck is just sitting there in the middle lane.. and then people just started slamming into each other. It was a scary sight. Everyone was ok.. I ran down there to see if I could help.. the girl in the red car was pretty banged up.. legs will be bruised for a long time.. but I think she will be ok.. ugh.. it was bad.

So here’s the thing that really bugged me about that day. It was a bad accident yes, but why do people come in flocks to gawk at stuff like this.. I kid you not there were like a hundred people there before long just standing there watching. Van full after van full of people just started showing up in Barbara's parking lot.. and people just standing around.. Judas..

Anyway.. So going back to Oct 30th now.. Me and Barbara's day-o-fun celebration of our dating for a year. (technically Nov. 2nd is the year mark) So we had the best food we ever had when we went to Denny’s that morning. And they gave us free cheesecake because it was slow service or something.. it was nice. Anyway.. Barbara got us tickets (and sweet on the floor great seats tickets I might add) to the blue man group concert in Salt Lake. So we went down early and went to the gateway mall and shopped around and had fun.. don't think we bought anything besides when we went into the chocolate factory though.. lol Then for dinner we went to the California Pizza Kitchen. It was good food but I don’t think either of us were that hungry from the chocolate and the food from Denny’s.. but I was able to impress Barbara with my big mouth and how I can eat a pizza slice in 3 bites.. lol Then we scampered off to the delta center for the concert. We were surprised at how good it was. Tracy Bonham or T-bo as she likes to be called.. <-- weird.. was really good.. she came on stage first and was rocking out with her violin and guitar and her mad vocals. Also it was cool cuz they had this scrolling marquee the whole time that was saying all this funny stuff. It was very entertaining.. lots of new stuff that wasn’t in other shows. Me and Barbara had a great time.

(sadly I didn’t bring my camera because I was under the impression that they would take it away from me If I tried to bring it in.. so I have no pictures from that night)

So we have been dating for over a year now.. and its great. I've never dated anyone longer than a few short months so this is like a miracle for me. I just want to say Barbara I think you are incredible and beautiful! Thanks for dating me! And for cleaning my house so I’ll pass my cleaning checks! You are amazing! I can’t believe its been a year already.. I guess it seems like it hasn’t been that long but at the same time it feels like we have been together forever. Here’s to us sweetie!

In other news, I’ve decided to sell some things and try a new approach to finances.. lol

  • I'm selling my guitar. (as Davy said "this is a sad day for rock and roll" its true but im just being honest with myself. I know exactly what it would take to learn the guitar and I honestly know Im not up for it.. at least not right now and probably not ever. *tear*)
  • Im getting rid of my gun as well. (I love my gun but I think I need the money and I actually want something different. I've had my fun and now its time for some new fun.. well.. when I get money to build or buy. I want something like this..

It's an old Shenandoah County Virginia replica of a black powder mussel loader from the 1800's.

Well I guess that's it for now.. check back later for those pictures!!!

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