ugh... Winter... Again..

Winter needs to leave me alone for a year or 2..

So today was a weird day. On the way to work I saw that there had been a terrible accident involving a few cars and someone on a bicycle. It would be a good guess that someone didn't make it home today. It's so sad. Usually I'm not that effect by these kind of accidents.. call me cruel or what ever but I'm just not. But today it was different.. I just felt bad about the lives this accident would effect and change.

Then as I'm pulling into work I noticed the first snow of winter starting to hit my windshield.. and when it comes to snow.. and I'm not one of those people who look forward to the snow.. in fact.. I loathe it. It's hard on cars.. It sucks to get up early and scrap the windows.. And get blasted by the cold every time you go outside.. and it's hard on my already jacked up feet..

oh well.. what can you do...

Angela's wedding was a beautiful one. I am very glad I was able to be there. It was fun to see all those people that I haven't seen in a while.. It was also really cool to have Barbara there with me.. She really helped me not feel like a total loser. lol.. Thanks babe!

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